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  1. Boy...Do I have good news for everyone 90% clear and getting better I'll type everything up tomorrow ^-^
  2. Day 25 *Night:* My face is starting to clear up now i've slowed down on drinking the milk..(Actually i've stopped because we ran out =p) My dark spots are also started to lighten up...tho since ive started aloe Vera my skin has become flaky..not much but flaky..O.o
  3. Day 21 *Night* Well....I just got a really bad breakout..=[ But I think its mainly because of how much milk Ive been drinking...So I'm going to slow down on that..-.-' I also was looking back on some pictures today and I was thinking.."Wow..my skin looked GOOD back then...." and that was a few months ago when I was using the orange Neutrogena facial bar I don't remember why I stopped using it...I might go back to it...=p I also need to update my sig..lol
  4. I've heard that it was good for acne ..but ive never heard of it till now =p lol forgot that part
  5. I've heard its good for acne..but ive NEVER heard of it...what products does it happen to be in? Because Google just gives me info on it....and it seems like a good uhm...whatever it is..
  6. No I don't have alot of acne =p Its mainly my forehead and my cheeks and usually there just small annoying bumps..not to bad..most of the time =| btw pics are in the 1st/2nd page.....They don't show much..but..*shrug*
  7. Because I'm trying my options before I decide to use Accutane? Also, this seems to be working soo..Accutane may not be needed......Sooner or later I'm hoping i can just narrow it down to a cleanser and a moisturizer.. and just take fish oil.
  8. Day 20 *Afternoon:* Ah, Sorry I haven't been on much =p My skin is looking better but the dark spots are REALLY visible now.. =[ But w/e.... my cheeks have flared up a bit...but I've also started taking fish oil regularly now. Instead of my usual.."I should take fish oil now! " Then I stop after three days.. =p I've also started taking Super B-Complex+C 3 times a day, and I also plan on taking Vitamin A once my face is clear . Soooo...so far so good BTW! I forgot to mention..TTO ran out around
  9. Day 15 *Night* Well..Shocking but true..my face did not break out into a horrible mess I didn't even have time to wash my face for a day and im fine Surprisingly my face seems clearer and the giant bump scared but its barely noticeable unless ur EXTREMELY close to me I'm really surprise because for the 4 days..the only thing I ate was fast food O.O I'll go more into detail tomorrow morning Current status of face: Its getting there!
  10. Day 11: *Night* Well yesterday I pooped two zits that were under the skin but kinda painful...The next day they went away beautifully, I can still feel them but you can't seem them So I noticed that I had one more that was slightly raised and small..so I think (Ohhh..well I'll just pop this one also ) Instead...It didn't pop And now I have a large skin color bump...ARGH the day before my trip also -.-' I Iced it for 30mins in the morning and i'm icing it again as we speak...I applied TTO
  11. I'm not sure...When I'm in the shower I just wash my hair then take a little and rub it around the acne areas..But I've only been using it for 2days...sooo..cant really help ya =p
  12. Day 9 *Morning:* No new breakouts! My face looks better now IMO the older breakouts have gone down quiet a bit and now there pretty much small bumps. Three days till my trip to kentucky =| I'm really hoping I don't break out D: Current status of face: Decent
  13. Btw ragga, nice avatar Dark knight FTW! lolz
  14. Day 8 *Morning:* No new breakouts My skin seems to be getting better...the right side of my cheek has pretty much cleared up with minimal scarring on the other hand..my left cheek is clear but its a scar frenzy =[ In 4 days I'll be leaving for Kentucky, and I doubt I'll follow my regimen closly except for washing my face with plain water D: Hopefully when I get back I don't break out into crazy frenzy. Day 8 *Night:*I hate those zits that you can feel but they never come up =| I'm not sure w