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  1. Yes, i think they meant pure chocolate pure dried cocoa
  2. Ok, While watching TV this morning, i saw this small section in a show talking about that 100g of real chocolate is recommended. They even mentioned that it is really good for our skin because it keeps the skin hydrated? Is this true?
  3. hmm, somehow i got your point So i should use the temperature of water that won't make my skin red? is that your point? O.o
  4. Hi everyone, I've been always seeing in the boards that wash your face with warm water. so basically this is my question, Does "warm" means a certain temperature of water or "warm" means the capacity of your skin? Because in my experience warm water for me is like turning the faucet 80% to the left which is really warm for me but really extremely burning and hot for some people.
  5. Really, can you provide me a link of that dermadoctor so i can check it out. Thanks
  6. http://www.evecare.com/store/shiseido/foam..._1064.php\ Is it the Shiseido thing that you are talking about?
  7. Yea you're right, most of my friends which are asian have the same kind of acne i have. I wonder why?
  8. Hi, Im just wondering how often do you guys change your brushes. And how should i know if should i change it.
  9. Sorry for the blurry pictures, and thank you for the information. I guess i will stick to the DKR regimen+ Baby Brush and supplements.
  10. Lol, it is the half cursed seal sasuke. Its first time he's been uncontrolled.

  11. Lol, it is the cursed seal sasuke.

  12. is that cursed seal sasuke or what? i havent been following naruto...im pissed orochimaru is gone

  13. ive been using Zinc(50mg), Vitamin D3 (2000 IU), FIsh Oil and Vitamin C anything to add? Thank you guys for the advices.
  14. Thank You very much for the reply, I will follow your advice and i wish more people will still leave me some advice Ive been using DKR for like 2 weeks and its better.