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  1. Hey if anyone is interested in two full and new vilantae bottles for $60 including shipping msg me. That's $20.00 off the original price.
  2. Been using Vilantae for 3months 10g per day and It hasn't made much of a difference with my oily skin. I would say It reduced by only 30%. One thing I did noticed is that my hair was thinning and shedding 2months in. I have now lowered my dosage to 4.5g per day as I don't want all my hair to be gone by end of summer =( I'm hoping the lower dosage can stop my hair from thinning/shedding and reduce oil production. Right now I'm using Dan's regime to keep my acne at bay. I would say Dan's re
  3. DOES NOT WORK, had 6 cystic acne trying it. Worse three months of my life healing from the scars. Everyone is different and made different. If not washing your face works for u, then ur lucky....
  4. I started taking Vilantae on March 27th, and oh maan my face broke out like crazy, I have two cystic acne which I rarely get and 4 huge ones. However, everything seemed to have calm down. Going to stick with it for 2 months. So far the oil have decreased slightly.
  5. very informative, thank you for writing this post =D
  6. Anyone know where to purchase B5 at cost in Canada? It's expensive down here and shipping from United States is OK unit you get hit with the duty fees.
  7. I don't think the poster was joking about it. I can see that wearing glasses could irritate the skin or even block the pore. I know sometimes when I wear sunglasses the bridge of my nose can get very reddish and sometimes an acne would appear. Furthermore, bad quality air can cause toxins to build up in your body which could make immune system work even harder, which could aid acne p. bacteria growth.
  8. thanks for your post, very informative.
  9. I'm in the same boat as you (same age); however, im pretty much cleared up now. IMO: your using too much chemicals on your face, and since you used accutane it has damaged your internals. You need to start cleaning your inside. Have ever done any detox before? you should get on asap. I see you're already eating healthy, stay away from processed foods/wheat/diary. Maintaining an acne free face takes time and dedication. Here's a site that helped me a lot on proper dieting and cleansing: www.c
  10. I know! I just turned 15. That's cuz ur in the wrong forum.... it's "adult acne."
  11. It's probably true that they can already create a cure for acne, but why would they want that? Sadly, the market for acne treatments is worth several billion dollars, and this is the main reason why they will not create a cure. Just my 2 cents. - YL