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  1. Does anyone here apply Tazorac and Duac(Tazorac, first) at night? This works better for me compared to putting on Tazorac at night and Duac in the day. Just putting on Duac itself stings, but with Duac and Tazorac it stings waay more, to the point where I just feel like laying in bed and moaning in pain. But although it stings a hell of a lot when more when I put on both, I take all of the pain at night, instead of waking up in the morning knowing that I have to put Duac on and start my day
  2. I use Tazorac at night and Duac in the morning, but when I usually put Duac on, my face stings a lot. I told my dermatologist about the stinging and he told me to suck it up. Sometimes, I skip using my Duac because I know it's gonna sting a lot, but I realized that when I don't use Duac in the moring, my face feels better and less oily during the day and by the end of the day, my face doesn't look "wet" from all the oil. By the middle of the day, I have to dab my face with a napkin so th
  3. I kno how you feel. I'm 15 and people think i'm like 18. its not that bad of a difference, but it kinda hurts. I want to look young. I jus went to a different highschool last year, so when I saw some people from highschool, they said, wow, you look older and they don't have to say why, because I know its because of my acne
  4. I use the same sunscreen as you, and I was wondering if you also have a hard time rubbing it into your skin. I'm pretty dark cuz its always real sunny in Hawaii and when I try to rub the sunscreen in my face, I can always see all these white areas by my cheeks where most of my acne is, but I have no problem rubbing it into other places where I have less acne, like my forehead, nose, and my outer part of my cheeks. But, if I try to hard to rub the sunscreen in, the suncreen kinda gets flakey an
  5. My confidence is just not as high as others. Its really hard because I go to a really small high school and most people don't have acne as bad as me. Well, I don't have really really bad acne. I have a lot of red small bumps and whiteheads, but it's mostly the redness on my cheeks that bother me. But I kinda already accepted the fact that my complextion will never be great. I have a great personality, which is what counts the most. All boys in highschool are immature and only care about
  6. i have that same feeling when I put sunscreen on too. My routine thing- Morning -Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser(just started using this product this week; before I used Cera Ve Hydrating Cleanser) -Duac Night -Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser -Tazorac Gel 0.1% -Solodyn 135 mg. I don't use sunscreen everyday like how I'm supposed to, but I am smart enough to apply sunscreen when I play sports or go fishing. I have a moderate amount of acne and I think my dermatologist menti
  7. At my last visit to the dermatologist, my dermatologist told me that since I drink milk, it might be making my acne worse. I heard of this before, but I never went into researching the topic. He said it was because the cows are given hormones and that it can give us more ance because hormones cause acne. Is this the reason why milk causes acne? So, instead of drinking milk, my dermatologist told me to drink soy milk. He told me it tasted good because it tasted like vanilla. My mom bough
  8. Heres what i do, Morning -Cera Ve Hydrating Cleanser -Duac Night -Cera Ve Hydrating Cleanser -Tazorac My dermatologist told me before to put Duac on at night also, over Tazorac, but I tried it, and it stung so much, so when I went back to my derm, he told me to go back to using Duac in the morning and Tazorac at night. It stings less when I use Duac by itself in the morning, but it still stings. Is this a normal feeling? I have a little acne on my forehead and chin, and nose. But mostly
  9. i'm too young to drink and i don't care if this sounds stupid, but i like sprunch(fruit punch and sprite) or fanta, which is like carbonated fruit punch. im from hawaii and i was wondering if there is such thing as fruit punch in the mainland.
  10. I'm new to this message board, so sorry if this topic doesn't relate to cosmetics and style. Well anyway, I'm not sure if theres a topic about stretch marks, but oh well. I hate stretch marks. I hate them with a passion. I already have acne on my face, and I don't need something extra to want to get rid of, like stretch marks. I'm 15 years old and I have stretch marks on my upper thighs and lower butt. I told my parents about how much they bother me so much, and they told me that it's no b