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  1. Aye I hear your pain some people just wanna say useless crap. Its as good as someone running out of an office building one day stopping at the door, yelling "MY GOD THE SKY IS BLUE!".
  2. I can never follow my wise "new-years wishes" so meh just f*ck them.
  3. We're just humans and we have flaws. Stop buying into the tardy society out there, be happy with what you got, I'm sure you're still one hell of a girl .
  4. You just once again proven theory 4543GAF, which states: "HUMANS ARE TARDS"
  5. Here is my advice, please use it. The first thing you have to realise is that you didn't create yourself. So you can't blame yourself for having acne nor being skinny. No one in the world has created themselves, so they cant be blamed on the way they look, remember that. You have to embrase what you were given, I know it might not seem much to you, but it can alway be woarse. REMEMBER: IT CAN ALWAYS BE WOARSE. For example, even if you are skinny you still have legs to walk on and lungs to breath
  6. So sorry to hear that. Do you want a hug? Don't let bitches like that, get you down. I know life seems unfair and it seems like everything is against you. But just smile, show a smile towards this sad world.
  7. Yes so true. It is a known fact that most good looking (models etc....) are the most shallow people on earth.
  8. Derms suck, don't go to a derm. All you really need to do is get a blood test from your GP. Just to check if there isn't something weird in your blood causing your skin to break out. Derms are useless.
  9. I've been in several serious "loving" relationships. Last one was 2 months ago and it lasted 8 months. So I have been in love. But you have to realise that there are other fishes in the sea.
  10. Mending an old relationship is the biggest form of self pitty. Get over him. Two and a half years is a long time. A normal person can get over someone's death in 6 months. So why can't you get over a relationship in a two and a half year period. If your love is so strong for him then why did you break up in the first place?? My advice: Get over him and get a grip. He is propably gonna say no. My ex GF asked me back and I said no. Good luck.
  11. Don't worry. I'm only expressing my point of view on life. Everyone is entitled to their own point of view.
  12. This is starting to annoy me.... People on these boards keep on asking "Why me???" (Why they have acne) Well there is no answer for this. It's the age old question every person asks if they have some sort of desease. Well the thing is that if you ask this question, then you can might as well ask why people get cancer. There is no unnatural force in life that cursed you with your situation. You are who you are. So basicly if you have acne, then you have a body with acne genes in it or what ever
  13. To the person who started this post: STOP BEING A DRAMA QUEEN!!