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  1. I just read your post about love. You and your ex sound exactly the same as me and mine. How did things turn out?

  2. I just went off Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo about three weeks ago, and suddenly I'm getting tiny little red pimples on my chest again. They disappeared after I started taking birth control two years ago. Oddly, my face is still pretty clear. I would assume that because the cause of my acne is hormonal, that a different technique would work better to combat it. Have any women successfully dealt with body acne that they knew was caused by hormonal changes and how?
  3. Thank you, that's really nice of you to say. :)

  4. I'll go with "uniquely insightful, brutally honest, and refreshing".

  5. Spectacularly offensive? Spectacularly crazy? Haha.

  6. Your posts are absolutely spectacular.

  7. I'm a total sucker for the Clark Gable song...... I just downloaded their discography (I got a new computer that purged my music) and I've already listened to it 4 or 5 times. Same with This Place is a Prison... =)

  8. Blast you for reestablishing my love affair with Postal Service. Blast you!

  9. I wish I could say it was a reference. Then I could explain it.

  10. I'd love to share with everyone what the original poster PM'd me: Hahahaha! So, OP, you say over and over that you don't care and you're done fighting, but you can't resist sending me a nasty little message. I think you care very much about what I think. You also seem to care what everyone else thinks, since you didn't want to show everyone else in this thread how nasty you can be. And you say you're not shallow - but you try to make me feel bad by saying I'm not a looker? Oh, come on -
  11. By the way, I LOVE the contradicting statements in your last post. God, people are so funny. First you blame me for the destruction of your confidence. Then you say my opinion doesn't matter. Well, which IS it? If I destroyed your confidence (single-handedly! I'm so impressed with myself!), then my opinion matters, doesn't it? You've mentioned that you have a good-looking girlfriend several times in this post. So much for not being shallow - does she have any other characteristics, or
  12. Gee, I need to learn how to read? That's interesting, considering how completely you missed the point. I said "as though" ugly guys don't deserve any better. That does not mean I put words in your mouth - your original post implied this. It makes you happy, does it? Why did your original post say: How odd - I don't usually need to vent when I'm happy about something. Nice job on trying to save face, but I'm not buying it - I still think you're a shallow loser.
  13. Here's the deal: I was making a point. You started a thread complaining about why ugly guys get hot chicks, as though they don't DESERVE anything more than ugly girls. I'm not even sure why you started this thread, if you already have a girlfriend. I don't like shallow people, and that makes you ugly to me. As for my looks? Rest assured, I'm no supermodel, but it doesn't matter. My looks aren't what's important to me. And I'm not the one who started a discussion based upon rating peop
  14. I disagree, it makes you feel superior because you are superior! :D Argue that! ;) I can live with that. How many posts to Lounge status, Rob? There's a Book Club thread in there calling your name.
  15. Really? I am getting lines on my forehead, but I thought it was because I'm ancient at 25. Maybe it's the BP! I don't know; but I would say stop using the BP or go down to 2.5% and use a really good moisturizer.