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  1. My daughter who is almost 10 is showing changes. All my things that work for me I wouldn't use on her, she is so young. Right now I just have her using Johnson baby body wash, and lotion for face but I need something else. She is getting blackheads on nose an itty bitty pimples around nose an chin, not bad but it's there and these little bumps. It's time to use a teen skin care, but what? I would like for her a.m. To include SPF Most be drugstore. I don't want anything to harsh either.
  2. With it being winter, cold and dry. My skin is extremely dry. I just can't take it. I am using jergens but I think it's breaking my back and chest out pretty good. Anyone have a good sugestion for something rich enough to help, not expensive (drugstore if possible) thank you.
  3. I have been useing the BP here for way over a year. I started breaking out again w/the AHA but I am getting older so I needed something. So I know you should be able to use AHA by itself but I dont think I am ready yet since I am breaking out. So you should use AHA only 2 or 3 times a week , it advises to use every day????? Can you not use AHA and BP together?? When you use AHA do you use it first or after moist. Sorry just want to make sure I am doing this in the correct way. Thanks so m
  4. Thank u, is there a link I am not seeing on the order of using aha together?
  5. I started using AHA and I also use the BP when I just use AHA I am breaking out alot so I use it every few days and use BP the most but my face is also getting very very dry even if its very oily. I thought about using jojoba oil for the first time in spot areas, but in what order or can you use aha and bp at the same time???? I do moist. everyday. I havent at night due to I didnt want to use SPF at night, I use a geniric of olay complete w/the spf. Is there a good night moist to use.
  6. It seems to have good reviews and its cheap!!! I need to find a good one. I am not using one at this time...I need to find a good lotion to put over it also...I have been using olay sen. skin no spf its good but makes my skin very very oily, but then some spots are dry and flaky... I am just afraid of the spf breaking me out.
  7. anyone????? Any ideas cuz w/the BP you seem to age faster to me, but its the only thing that seems to work.
  8. I am 33 and I am seeing some signs of ageing I have used only olay and a very light moisturizer and the BP from here, I still break out and my skin is alway oily, I put just powder on and w/in 5 min I am needing to blot I have tried using lotion at just night just day, or both and no difference Milk of Mag makes me oilyer, and mont. chaf cream doesnt really work and it breaks me out......so I need something to moisturize to help w/ageing or what products that are not so expensive to help, but n
  9. I noticed this a long time ago, I will take a break from running and when I start back up it is like this, but this time around I did a new routine,(p90x) well the next day, my neck, chest back and upper arms covered in thousands of little pimple like whiteheads all over, from far away it looks like a rash up close gross. I got in the shower as soon as I could, that was a week ago, I havent worked out in 3 days to see if it clears....nothing it looks better but not near where it should, I never
  10. I have used neutrogena and it works great..the only thing I have found to help and have my skin almost clear...hate the price I was buying that littlt tube at walmart so often (wish I didnt have to use this stuff at all due to it seems to be aging me) but it worked, anyway to save $$ I bought the one from here thoght it would be the same, both 2.5% I cant use anything stronger due to my sensitive skin anyway...I started useing this one from here about 2 weeks or so and well I am breaking out mo
  11. I have neck, arms, back acne.....but I need a lotion for my body neck to my toes....my skin is very dry....but it breaks out fast...what is the best lotion you can get that wont hurt it and that you can get at a drugstore (walmart etc.) Thanks so much
  12. I swear I have age so much since using this...this is all that somewhat works... I know I not moist. a whole lot cuz I do get flacky but I also have very oily skin.... I havn't find the best moist yet... Anyone use any spec. creams that have helped, I know they say BP can aged but there have to be somthing that helps... Thanks
  13. I am in my very yearly 30's and I have noticed ageing, blochy (sp?) dry, flacky, red, oily skin..along w/breakouts. I would like to know what do you use for ageing that doesnt break you out (or atleast more). Moisterizer w/sunscreen for a.m what kind? nightcream? what kind? Do you do anything else peels etc that not make your skin worse. right now I use a M w/sunscreen in the a.m , I only scrub w/a wash cloth and use BP at night its ok I still breakout but w/ the whole ageing thing I want t