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  1. I'm thinking of buying a dermaroller. Do you guys reckon it can help me?

    hi! ive been reading your post.. Im taking my daughter to a licenced derma-roller L.R.N. tomorrow. she has a lot of scars on her cheeks like you. i will find out for sure if this rolling of the skin really works!.. Im praying it does. thanks.

  2. Thank you for posting and good luck with your procedures!

    Thank you. I appreciate that.


    My hope is that this can be documented so that when someone else has this done they know what to expect as far as actual down time, and scar revision results with one pass, two passes, three, and so on. I wish I knew all that, and I don't really. That's why I started this thread for SmartXide because the answers I could not find motivated me to do this.

    Todays report:

    Day 1 after treatment: Feeling a bit discouraged today. I still see all the large scars this morning and the 25% reduction I thought I saw may have been due to the skin tightening yesterday. They do look slightly improved but I think realistically about 10-15% today. One of them looks the same to me with no improvement. The Dr. said not to judge them yet as it takes time to fill in. I hope he's right.

    I hope that as the collagen begins to regenerate that they fill in more. I am trying to be patient because I know that it takes a bit of time for that to happen, and there are three more treatments to go. But, you know how it is when all we want is to reduce our scars.

    The less severe scars however, I do see some improvement and I would rate that at about 25% for sure.

    (By the way I forgot to mention that the procedure itself was pain free. There were a few passes that I defiantly felt but it was not very uncomfortable because of the numbing cream. If there is pain involved then either the numbing cream is not strong enough or the person doing the laser needs more training.

    And, I picked a very skilled Plastic Surgeon. It was more expensive but, the key to the laser is in the hands of the person doing it. That is one of, if not the most important factors, IMO.)

    First day report: Face is a bit swollen and it is oozing some, although not terribly. I am still using Aquaphor and will continue for the next 24 hours. Man that stuff is messy isn't it? I have not washed my face yet but I will this PM with Clinique medical skin cleanser.

    Scabs are forming in the trouble areas where he went a bit heavier with the laser. Last night I got sick and those trouble areas started to bleed a little because of the pressure to the head from getting sick. So in the pictures that is why there is some scabbing. I don't think there would be if I did not get sick last night.

    I am not suitable to go in public today. Downtime 2 days so-far.

    Day 1 post-surgery photos:

    post-101013-1244731844_thumb.png post-101013-1244731834_thumb.png

    thanks for these posts and pic's!! every interested in this,and hope you keep posting your progress... thank you!


  3. Am i right in thinking that higher androgen levels means oiler skin?

    Therefore if you go to the doctor to get a blood test to see if your androgen levels are high, can they give you something to decrease this, therefore controling sebum levels and having less oily skin.

    read up on spironolatone for hormonal acne. it suppresses the androgen hormone.