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  1. janal

    Post accutane - What should I do?

    hi! ive been reading your post.. Im taking my daughter to a licenced derma-roller L.R.N. tomorrow. she has a lot of scars on her cheeks like you. i will find out for sure if this rolling of the skin really works!.. Im praying it does. thanks.
  2. Thank you. I appreciate that. ___________________________________________________________ My hope is that this can be documented so that when someone else has this done they know what to expect as far as actual down time, and scar revision results with one pass, two passes, three, and so on. I wish I knew all that, and I don't really. That's why I started this thread for SmartXide because the answers I could not find motivated me to do this. Todays report: Day 1 after treatment:
  3. janal

    YAZ oh no! help

    might have to give two months.
  4. janal

    Androgen levels

    read up on spironolatone for hormonal acne. it suppresses the androgen hormone.