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  1. lord christ, alvin has returned.

  2. Alvin


    Eh jst me.
  3. my dear, do you remember me? do you still come on this place?

  4. Happy Birthday :DDD

    Even though you never come here anymore.. :[

  5. Damn! That's awesome Alvin!! Either way I'm sure you're gonna make it. :) I'm proud of you!

  6. im doing well. i applied for the sherriffs department here, start out as a dispatcher, then go to academy. if that doesnt work then im airforce bound.

  7. Hey! Long time no talk! :) How ya doin'?

  8. Y E S youuu dooo ! in tthis one episode of the hills . brody shaved his head like ur shirtless pic & you look just like him . ! thts a compliement so just take it : D

  9. hey, i live in the tampa bay area

  10. hello there, where in florida are you from?

  11. anytime dear

  12. Haha, thank you for the lovely comment! =)