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  1. Hi, Thanks so much for posting this information. I have a quick question about the clinic in Tokyo. Do they perform the procedures you are describing here for acne scars? From your posts, I get the impression that no doctors anywhere in the world are performing the procedure for the general public, but that there are doctors doing research trials in Japan and China. Their website makes it seem that they are performing the procedures for consumers, though. I am in Tokyo once a year and am cons
  2. Actually I am not 35. Not sure where you saw that. I'm 27. Hi! I note that you're also 35; that's when facial collagen loss usually starts with people, particularly women, particularly those who've done sun worshipping in their teens and twenties. If you did not do a lot of tanning when younger, then it is possible that the IPL may have started the cascade of aging although I don't see how unless the settings were incorrect. Retin A would help considerably with smoothing the small lines a
  3. i have had horrible side-effects, including fat loss in the face, major discoloration, and premature aging. oh, and it made my acne worse after a few weeks of improvement. much, much worse.
  4. I have to tell you -- I got ONE IPL treatment at the end of 2007 by a woman named Carole Lea Burns in New York. It has RUINED my face. I promise you, my breakouts only got worse, and my skin has aged considerably since the treatment. I honestly think it has ruined my last few years, and I have gone through emotional and mental trauma due to the DRAMATIC aging that has taken place since the treatment. I PROMISE YOU -- it is NOT WORTH it. try something safer. please, for your own sake. I don't w
  5. maybe thats because all you consume for 2 days is a light meal, some magnesium and some olive oil if you ate like that all the time you'd be clear, thats what calorie restriction does It has nothing to do with shitting out supposed "stones" quick question: what do you mean when you say that calorie restriction gives you clear skin? i would say that almost every single person i have known who has an eating disorder and/or very limited caloric intake has very "bad" skin, likely from lack
  6. do a search on this site for "oil of oregano". i used the medicinal grade stuff topically to cure my folliculitis, in combination with other anti-fungals. good luck.
  7. hi there, i think it's different for everyone, but i do think that my IPL treatment made my complexion much worse than it was before. however, i think that mine was administered with the wrong settings for my skin type. i also noticed the negative consequences of the treatment within a month... so if you feel okay so far, i wouldn't worry too much, though i am an advocate of anti-aging and anti-acne through natural means. there are plenty of supplements you can take to help with both... and st
  8. i agree. my skin has *never* been better than it was after i was hospitalized and given lots and lots and lots of fluids via IV for 24 hours. overall, it was a horrible experience, but i did notice that my skin was absolutely glowing and pristine for a few days after leaving the hospital. i actually couldn't believe it was my face.
  9. Hi! I was just diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) this morning at my gyno appointment. My hormone levels were way out of whack -- the ratio of the two key PCOS hormones (sorry, I am exhausted and don't have the papers in front of me) is 1:1 in average women, and in me it was 1:5. I was prescribed Provera (progesterone) to induce my period/endometrium shedding every 6-8 weeks, and was told to continue my low-GI diet and exercise regimen to help with the rest of the symptoms and the
  10. some folliculitis is caused by yeast/fungus and antibiotics will make it WAY worse. you should check out a thread I started about different anti-fungal treatments for folliculitis. I've used different ones that have worked pretty well, and others on there are sharing their treatment plans. Here it is: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=203945
  11. I tested the MaMa lotion last night on my forehead, and so far, so good! I think I'm going to try it 2 x per week at night! Thanks for all the info.
  12. Ah, yes. I forgot to mention neem oil. I used some topically but the results were definitely not the same as with oregano oil. I'm going to check out that undecylenic acid, thanks!!!