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  1. yes very small. did you have a kind of rash and redness aswell? Thanks
  2. sorry to bring this back up, i have got the same. did you get it sorted? Thanks
  3. mine is like really blotchy dry skin, and i have pimples aroud my nose but not like whiteheads, if i dont moisturise it it gets quite itchy aswell. it doesnt look like eczema thoug. any other ideas? Thanks
  4. iv still got my reness, it comes and goes. i went to the doctor but on the day of the appointment the redness had basically gone so wasnt able to show him much. he did give me doublebase moisturising cream which seems to help in the short term but not not getting rid of it. been off accutane for around a month now and going on holiday in 2 weeks so quite worried. Going back to doctors tomorrow.
  5. is it safe for me to not put any moisturiser on these patches for a few days, the skin is very sensitive around my nose and even the lightest of moisturisers is stinging and making it really red. Thanks
  6. yep i agree, i had a shower this morning and just left it instad of putting E45 cream or moisturer on and the redness has gone down massively, now just abit pink and flakey. hopefully will go down further over nighht. Thanks everyone for the advice and stuff
  7. i had the eczema on my arms while on it but not bad at all, usually went within a few days, this has only started post accutane, would this still be a possibility, this morning all the pimples seem to have gona and its just redness, kind of looks like blotchy sun burn. iv been using e45 cream day and night but doesnt seem to be doing anything. would Benedryl or Claritin help if it is eczema? Thanks for the reply
  8. thank for the reply, much appreciated. it is only around my nose that is really red, around my chin is just like red pin pricks (more of a rash). Thanks
  9. also im only 18 so is it unlikely to be Rosacea?
  10. i have been on accutane for around 6 months and finished the course about 10 days ago. since coming off i have got redness around my nose and slight redness around my mouth with lots of little pimples around my nose and mouth. does this sound like Rosacea? i know i need to go to a doctor to find out for usre but in the mean time what is best to do i.e moisturising, low dose accutane etc Thanks
  11. aftr looking around it looks like Rosacea, but having being on roacutane for nearly 6 months is this unlikely? thanks
  12. im also experiencing this just after coming off it. have yours improved now? what are you using? Thansk
  13. ye, just that appointments near me are like gold dust, would have to wait weeks. there not like pimples i could squeeze anything out of, there very small, its more the redness that is bothering me. iv also been putting E45 cream on it but not really helping. it does kind of look like the upper arm rash you get while on it. Thanks
  14. hi, i have been on accutane for around 6 months, i came off it about 10 days ago, almost straight away after coming off. i got alot of pimples around my nose and a few around my chin and a red rash around my nose and chin. is this normal and what is best to use on it? My derm gave me duac cream to use on any odd spots i do get which i have used for a couple of nights but im not sure whether its drying my skin up too much. any help appreciated! Thanks