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  1. Im going to add in a fish oil soon since I dont eat fish or eggs. I take a cal/mag supplement because I dont eat dairy and it's unlikely that I'll eat proper amounts of brocolli everyday since I hate it=)
  2. I eat very healthily(at least by my standards:) They are just so expensive if you get a good one and they are a pain. I was also wondering if there was a difference between cheap vitamins and expensive ones at the health food store. I know it's important to get a high quality brand for things like fish oil but is it important for things like calcium?
  3. Of course lotions and things are absorbed by the skin, the real question is if it is absorbed into the bloodstream. I've never seen any proof of this. Im not saying moderate sunlight isn't healthy, never did. Im saying if you care about skin AGING, not overall aging, you should wear sunscreen everyday at all times.
  4. I've yet to see any proof that the body absorbs chemicals from our cosmetics, this idea just seems to be spouted by several alarmist groups. Also wearing sunscreen does not equal living in fear of sunshine. And yes, you dont have to wear sunscreen if you dont want to, but any amount of color you get DOES equal damage whether you burn or not. Its your decision whether thats inportant to you or not.
  5. p.s. I broke my diet today for father's day-I had milk, soy, vegetable oil, and grain. Im going to get back on track tomorrow.
  6. I've never tried brazil nuts maybe Ill pick them up next time at work. I wish I could eat fish but I DETEST it, I can't even stomach salmon. It makes me want to barf. I wish I could because its so healthy.... Edited my post , that u also need organic apples is good for u , best fruiittttttttttt and also organic banana.. but some people allergic to it. Awww ;/ Salmon is the best finally i bought coconut oil cant wait to cook it with it:P Also Fish oil is great has 1000mg omeg
  7. I've never tried brazil nuts maybe Ill pick them up next time at work. I wish I could eat fish but I DETEST it, I can't even stomach salmon. It makes me want to barf. I wish I could because its so healthy....
  8. This doesn't make any sense though. From a biochemical point of view there's nothing in meat you can't find in plant foods and supplements if needed let alone eggs or dairy. There must be something. Shes explained it to me before. I think she was a vegetarian for about 15 years, but decided she needed to change for her health. Anyways, I trust everything she has to say about nutrition, after many many years experience in this field.
  9. I hope you're being facetious...there is nothing good/funny about the body absorbing toxic chemicals. If you really want to stay away from the sun, there are much less toxic ways to do so, ie: protective clothing, shade, and powder SPF that is not absorbed by the skin. http://cosmeticsinfo.org/safety.php
  10. La Roche Posay Toleriane fluide if your not too dry.
  11. This is hardly what happened. It was the inadequacy of the diet rather than the lack of meat causing those problems. Also we should reflect on the fact that when a vegetarian person feels sick because he consumed a diet of french fries and pasta we tend to blame the diet but when a standard-western-diet eatern gets very sick because of their diet we blame the person. For as many vegetarians that might have developed anxiety because of bad dietary choices there are even more common people dev
  12. Wearing sunscreen doesnt make me a "sun hater" I care more about permanent effects on my skin (wrinkles, sun spots) than pimples that will eventually go away. Besides, I don't think the sun helps with acne but thats a wholle other issue.
  13. I've know some vegetarians that end up suffering severe health issues later on (anxiety, depression, muscle pain, etc etc) because of the lack of meat. But if you have your beliefs I guess thats more important, but I wouldnt do it just for skin reasons.
  14. I didn't change the subject. I'm talking about skin too. It's your skin that helps produce vitamin D3. You were the one who went off on a tangent about "let's wait 10 years and see who ages more." Surely you remember that statement. Yeah....what does that have to do with anything? We are talking about skin aging, according to you the sun does not cause "skin aging."
  15. Basmati is a completely different story. It is simply the most aromatic and tasty rice on earth. But there is also brown basmati which is possible is even tastier but still has the typical basmati flour I guess we just all have different taste buds- I dont think it's as good=)