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  1. Urine is not a waste product that is what people are getting wrong. Our body is the best filter known to man. It is full of nutrients and the urea is beneficial. Look at the reviews on acne.org urine therapy is said to be one of the best. http://www.acne.org/urine-therapy-reviews/524/page1.html
  2. Not drinking it but applying it topically. I've been doing it for about 4 weeks. I'm seeing minimal results, should I continue trying to do this or not?
  3. With all do respect, why have a feedback forum if the administrators don't look at what's presented? Don't you guys communicate through a private staff forum or something?
  4. Co-Sign. I don't even think there's a forum dedicated to primarily Seb Derm on the internet? Maybe we can attract more users and hopefully make this a forum where Seb Derm suffers can talk about the condition.
  5. Ah okay so I'm guessing that the honey and water wont play much of a part. I've started to reuse my Zinc tablets along with the ACV. I'm going to still continue applying my Nizoral and hopefully I see some good results, hopefully. Thanks. I heard it's best to take the ACV in the morning too, just giving you the heads up.
  6. How do you mix the ACV? Mums got some for her arthritis and I told her to make me one whilst shes at it. She mixes it with honey and 2 table spoons of ACV. Because it's diluted, will it have less effect?
  7. Ehh, firstly. Support me here: [Edited link out] It's about a Seb Derm forum, I personally think we need one. Alright so I've just had my thoughts clarified by the dermatologist after I kept getting this scaly red type "rash" for the last few months, going and coming frequently. I haven't found anything to bring this under control. My Dermatologist told me to get Nizoral, for the first few days my skin seemed to be getting a helluva lot better, so good that I was only left with a
  8. Alright, so I know I'm not a veteran posters on this forum. But I know that many of us users to suffer from Seborrheic Dermatitis on this forum. If you view the Rosacea & facial redness forum you will see a recent influx of Seb Derm threads. I know that the forum will be brought to good use and help us suffers find something to help treat this skin problem. Thanks, Dimensions.
  9. I have a heap of scaly dry skin, is it best to peel it off? I'm thinking of washing my face with head and shoulders which has been recommended by many people on these forums, from reading up on other threads. I've done this before and it basically peels off all the scaley skin and makes my face even redder then it was before, is it a good idea to do this?
  10. I'm open to hear more thoughts on this? Maybe we can make this a thread about users personal cures to Seb Derm.
  11. Well I've heard that Benzoyl Peroxide is good for this type of thing. So I purchased a 2.5% water based gel yesterday. I'm going to continue to use the Nizoral and see if I get any benefits but as I have acne, I will use this every morning to help them. (it did very little before to help cure) But hopefully the use of the BP will help in the curing process. Any thoughts?
  12. Arghh, I've been diagnosed with it. For the first time in a while I was a little optimistic when the dermatologist told me to get Nizoral 2% cream. My skin was getting a lot better and within 5 days I only had slight scar (i dunno what to call it) after overcoming it. Problem is that it's back now and pissing me off. What have you guys tried? I'm trying to steer clear of steroid creams, although my dermatologist said that 1% hydrocortisone is fine for the face. I tried apple cider vineger, I
  13. DAYS 30-33 Wooo, a month is by. I got repeats for the next few months, but I get to re-see the doctor again, at the beginning of next month. I'm still seeing progress, but I'm still getting my share of pimples. This damn rash is still bugging me my face is constantly red now. I don't know why, it feels like the rash is gone, but the redness just stays.... Man.. Anyway, thanks for the few people commenting.
  14. DAY 26-29 I THINK I'M SEEING IMPROVEMENTS. This is pretty cool, I've just reached the 4 week month, and it's the start of a new month. Hopefully I'll continue to see some stuff. I've been slack on this log, I'll try and do a much better job in updating this. But anyway, each week I try to post pictures, here's the latest set. Enjoy looking at my pimples.. lol The rash: It's still there, and pissing me off. I read up on something called medically induced lupus. One of their symptoms is a but
  15. DAYS 25-26 The rash is slowly going away now. I think I'm gonna have to adjust my regimen and moisturize daily after this rash has subsided. I made that mistake, but it kind of feels like my skin is oily when I moisturize. I don't want that. I think I have combination skin? I guess I'll just moisturize in the dry areas. Few whiteheads and pimples have come up in the last few days. I'll keep you all updated. Pictures coming tomorrow or the day after.