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  1. Hi Dudley. I remember you from the good old days. I've been absent for several years and popped back in today myself. Have you done any poking around in the stem cell posts? I know ReCell is still around. Isolagen went bankrupt and reorganized as FibroCell I think. Just wondering what is new in regeneration of skin, aside from lasers.
  2. I've been traveling almost nonstop for the last two years. I've been acne free and loving the freedom. I get the occasional pimple when I cheat and have some dairy (usually milk or ice cream). It goes away in a few days though. Reminds me of how hard it used to be waking up every morning with new zits. My advice is cut out all forms of dairy completely. Worked for me. I also cut out all products and only use oil to cleanse and moisturize. Also try Accutane or just eat a lot of beta carote
  3. i cut out milk and dairy in all it forms. completely. no acne in a few years. unless i cheat then a few pimples the next day. my life is great now. GREAT. im never on here LOL
  4. dudley didn't you also get isolagen done? i remember you saying it worked well and you'd do it again. unfortunately isolagen just went bankrupt!
  5. I've been off acne.org for a year. I used to follow several threads on here: Fraxel, Acell, Juvista, etc. If you've been following these threads daily, please let me know any further developments I've missed out on in the past year! Thanks!!
  6. Glad to see other people are aware of this link. To restate my original premise: for me the dairy=acne link was crucial. Restricting all dairy in my diet has stopped all my acne. I don't think this is the case with absolutely everyone. But I do think dairy restriction will cut down the amount and severity of acne for a lot of people. Especially college kids and adults who are still getting acne...
  7. I've known for a long time that dairy gives me acne the next day. A bowl of milk and cereal or ice cream will result in several whithead pustules the next day. Even after Accutane this is still true. I've gone months without dairy and been acne free. Completely, zero acne. Not even a papule. I just had some dairy this week and last. I got some pimples the next day. I did it 4 days later and same thing. Just reconfirms what I already now. Just wanted to put this out there. It's worth trying da
  8. I was using Neutrogena Helioplex Moisturizer for a few months. I noticed it burned my eyes quite a lot and made my skin dry. I found out it contains Vitamin A and other chemicals I'm not supposed to have. I started to get some worsening of wrinkles under my eyes too! Soooo...Looking for mineral sunblock recommendations. Mainly zinc oxide based. Want to stay away from titanium dioxide and nanoparticles. Doesn't leave much besides pure white zinc I know! But maybe there are more options, or at
  9. Seems zinc interferes with copper and vice versa. I stopped taking a calcium, zinc, and magnesium pill...
  10. Someone told me that zinc supplements can interfere with the absorption of copper. So I started researching it. Turns out copper is really important in collagen production. Specifically in allowing cross-linking of collagen and elastin fibers. Sesame seeds, cashews, sunflower seeds are all great sources of copper....
  11. the fraxel site used to have a function that listed all the docs in a zip code that have fraxel. though its probably just re:store not re:pair exlusively. you;d have to waste time calling each one or maybe just call reliant themselves. perhaps you could get treated free at their headquarters in irvine. they do clinical studies there.
  12. If you do need steroids then get a prescription for oral prednisone dose pack. Much more effective and no chance of overuse or failing to taper off.