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  1. Im not sure if there is a correlation between acne and caffine intake, but i was thinking i might try an experiment to see what happens. The experiment is simply to stop drinking tea, coffee or any sodas containing caffine for at least a fortnight to see if has any effect on my complextion! If anyone else on here has tried this experiment or wants to shed light on my proposal then plz respond to this thread:)
  2. Started breaking out on my face at the ago of around 14 and a half. Then approx 2 years later i started breaking out on my back at the age of 16 and a half. Im 23 now a still suffering!
  3. I changed to just using water because i was fed up with using all the medicated scrubs etc on my face, i can't keep depending on them forever. Im using only water now and im still breaking out here and there, especially around my chin area again. I've just turned 23 and im convinced that im going to be living with acne untill im old enough to draw my pension. Then i'll be old and grey with dry pale chalky skin and nobody will give me a second glance then anyway. So whoopie for me
  4. Im 23 years of age, well almost. I turn 23 on friday and i suffer from facial and back acne. My back gets a variety of tiny spots, whiteheads etc to nasty big inflamed sore cystic ones right on my spine. My face isn't as bad, i got mainly tiny pimples, occasionally the odd nasty inflamed sucka. My chest stays almost 100 percent clear at all times, i get like one spot there once in a blue moon. Facial breakouts started when i was 14 and a half and my back started breaking out when i turned 17.
  5. Lol u sounded like stripey richards there from the british film Scum when u said you'll carve the bastards off!
  6. Well i've been using over the counter medicated scrubs over the past 14months, clean and clears blackhead clearing scrub, and recently i tried the non medicated st ives apricot scrub. However, i don't want to become dependant on these products and i realized that if i ever want to have my face dispersed from acne, then i need to stop using this junk, or my face will never return to it's natural state. So i have stopped them and now all i am simply doing is morning and evening giving my face a
  7. I get huge monstrous boils right on the end of my nose and i look like a clown, a right plonker, sometimes even a gypsy with warts! Any suggestions on how to prevent them?
  8. Pretty bad, you can tell she has painted at least 3 coats of slap on to try and cover it up
  9. I understand where these guys are comming from though, the mere fact that u can actually cover your chest and back with clothing makes it seem less daunting. You know what they say, out of sight out of mind. Regardless of this though, my back always gets me down when i am at home, it doesn't look too clever:(
  10. I'd choose to have clear skin for the rest of life than any amout of money. Im quite content with the simple things in life, money has never really been of much interest to me. Along as i can buy standard foods and decent clothing and pay the electric etc, that's all i need. You can't put a price on self confidence and self esteem. There is no cure for acne, no matter now much money you have. Money can't buy you happiness, but a life free from acne, now that would make me happy Btw, GIMojo, y
  11. How can u shave in the shower, how could u see what u are doin. I'd most probably cut my face to ribbons if i tried that
  12. Astringents are absolutely ghastly, they made may face sting, go all red an blotchy, and thus caused my face to breakout out all over the shop, even my forehead, where i hardly ever get acne. The culprit in question was clean and clear blackhead clearing astringent, horrible stuff! However the clean and clean blackhead clearing scrub feels really creamy and mild when i rub it into my face, and for the majority of the time it successfully keeps my acne to a bare miniumum.