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  1. Thats really interesting. What is the treatment for that then? I had a lot of ear infections when I was little and took antibiotics. Shouldnt the septra I take now take care of that. Update ..I am still on the same regime, dr. added a special cream for my back....my facial skin is really great now. Rarely any pimples..the red marks all Faded too!!! My skin looks perfect and I get alot of compliments on it. I know I am lucky I didnt scar. I can run around without makeup or cover stick! I still
  2. For me Cetaphil (gentle for all skin types) is awesome! I tried Cerave, Alphahydrox etc. but they all broke me out ...Cetaphil is best.
  3. Hi All! I havent posted in several months...mainly because I am never on the site. My skin is great! Here is my regime and sorry if you dont like my use of Septra, but the facts are...it works for me. Daily (prescription) ....1 Septra tablet, Use Finacia all over, Spot treat Pimples with Azelex Daily (no prescription).....Cetaphil Cleanser, Purpose or Cetaphil Moisturizer Most Days......Head and Shoulders for hair acne or DHS clear shampoo for Variety It took several months for all this to
  4. When was the last time you washed your sheets Mike? heehee. I am really glad you are doing great with your skin and have found some solutions. And I hope you find that special somone! My skin is also near perfect again, so I am happy
  5. I know how you feel. I was on accutane twice. My skin was so totally gorgeous. Then it came back. The derm told me that the other derm should have kept me on topicals etc to keep it off. Anyway, I am on bactrim and azalex and my skin is getting near perfect again. But it took quite a few months of trying different things and then about 3 months for this to really work. Good luck!
  6. She has a boyfriend that she can see herself being married to. She is pretending she is loyal to the boyfriend. She is making whispering flirty comments to you while she has a boyfriend...... ummmmm......ok Mike if that is what you want grab and kiss her!
  7. From what I understand the azalex is turning your skin cells over more rapidly so to help avoid getting clogged you should also exfoliate. I use a clarisonic skin brush, but they are expensive (got mine on ebay) ...the baby brush method described on here might be a good one. Guess it depends on your skin. Some people like asprin exfoliation and others baking soda. My skin is very delicate, so I dont like to use gritty things on it.
  8. Absolutely set up an appt. with your derm. You should be on some type of treatment method to keep your skin clear. I was on 2 courses of accutane, my skin was totally perfect and my acne came back. One of the derms I went to said I should have been on treatment to keep my accutane results. I didnt know that. Anyway now I am on Septra and azalex and my skin is looking great again. But its been alot of trial and error to find what works for me beside accutane.
  9. Some people have trouble with an ingredient in neosporin. I did so I use polysporin. I will dab some on the area and then cover with a spot bandaid and it helps the medication stay on and will help prevent infection and clean up the area!
  10. Accutane worked beautifully for me also but my acne came back. However, I took it (2 courses) a few years ago and at that time I dont think they knew enough to put me on some sort of preventative treatment. So make sure you dont take your great skin for granted...get on some sort of treatment to keep the acne away. I am on something else now that is working great, but I wish someone had told me to be sure to stay on top of my skin after accutane because my skin was like perfect and then boom i
  11. I personally did not do well with benzaclin..but I dont do good with BP. It just makes my pimples look worse. But you may do great with it. Maybe you should try it on a small area for a few nights..remember it may look worse before it looks better. And see what happens and if you get a scar from it and if it helps. Also there are great product reviews on these forums so you can look there and see the results others have had. Good luck!
  12. I know there are people here who do not think bactrim should be used for acne. However, I have tried solodyn and other antibiotics and none of them worked for me. I also had two courses of accutane which worked great! But then my acne came back. My derm says he has patients on bactrim for years and though I am sure people will disagree with that...I am on it and plan to stay on it. My skin is back to looking good. I stll get some blemishes but not often. The derm said that acne had like a 4 mont
  13. Maybe leaving it on causes problems? I use it also as a back wash and with my hair and it has worked great for me, but I wash it off. (use it as body wash) My scalp is pimple free and my back just has red marks waiting to fade
  14. Just to respond about Azalex 20% vs Finacea 15%. I read a report online (sorry I cant find it) that the finacea is actually absorbed better and so stronger than the azalex even though its a weaker percent. It has to do with the vehicle it is in. I do remember the report was very official sounding I have been using both. I got the azalex originally. I remember putting a big extra blob of it on a zit and the next morning my zit was reduced in half! But at the same time I got alot of white heads
  15. I tried that for 3 months...cost me $60.00 with insurance though I understand its really expensive. Anyway it did not work for me at all. Happily Bactrim D/S which runs me around $10.00 WITHOUT insurance is working great along with azalex! But everyone is different.
  16. Sounds like you are feeling mucho better Mike! Remember to focus on her sweet personality and not her Daisy Dukes heehee. I was reading the other day that lachydrin (sp) a lotion helped people with folliculitis...sounds like you have things under control though! Keep on top of it so you can maintain your results. And remember confidence and attitude is key no matter what your skin is like. Whoohooooooo! Keep us posted! I am so happy for you!
  17. Shower filters can help improve your hair also as they can take the chlorine etc out of the water depending on which one you buy.
  18. My skin is irritated by AHA and BHA's but I am doing great with Azelex and I find it very gentle. It does itch but other than that, I havent had peeling, redness etc. It is fading my pink marks but it does take alot of time. I am also taking Bactrim and using a Clarisonic brush. I use polysporin for the occasional pimple as I dont do well on BP. I also sometimes pop a little extra Azalex on a pimple and that does help. Good luck!
  19. A good place to get reviews on products is makeupalley.com The reviews on the clinique did not make me want to buy it.
  20. I do feel your pain and am so sorry you have this skin problem. Have you made an appointment with a dermo? You will probably need antibitoics to help clear your skin from a doctor. Make an appt.
  21. Wow..I had some bad pimples in my hair and my back was a mess with some cystic pimples. Thanks to these forums I tried Head and Shoulders Classic! I didn't think it would work but it did! No more scalp pimples and my bacne cleared up..just some small red scars left! No I dont work for H&S..not yet anyway BUT please do try this if you have bacne or scalp pimples. Cheap and amazing results!
  22. Dear Mike, If you think she is playing games..she probably is. My worry is that you will think it is a skin issue if things dont go well and not realize its her and her games. Please stay strong and confident! Anyway best of luck, keep us posted and did I read your post right that your skin is healing? AWESOME!
  23. Buy a pill cutter around $5 at a drugstore and chop the pill in half. Take pill with water.
  24. Ok I am using Head and Shoulders on my hair and back..WOW..my scalp pimples are pretty much gone and my bacne is so small now.. But I have super thick, long blond hair and need conditioner. Should I use the Head and Shoulders conditioner or is any brand ok to follow up with so long as I clean it off my back?
  25. let me say something here...very few people are going to have Perfect skin...if you find something that works and your skin is looking good why mess with success ..nough said. WHY THE HOT WATER!!! do what works!