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  1. Picking is really bad for your skin? I noticed that if i dont pop i pimple they just pop themselves. So i just had walked around with a big whitehead on my skin. Imagine them popping by themself while you're in a conversation with someone? Thats not how i'd like to live. Then again, i don't want to live with acne at all!!! I pick before i go into the shower. I was up, get out, and before i put lotion on i dab the popped pimples with toilet paper to clean up the ooze (which is nasty). I do this
  2. I just received my first kit. It didn't come with instructions. How are you supposed to put it on? How to put it on when you shave? My mom told me (she uses it) to put on the renewing cleanser and massage it in. Then take a shower. Come out, dry your face and put on the revitalizing toner. Let dry and follow with the repairing lotion. Right? Ok second question. It makes my skin really oily. 100% more oily than usual. Put less on? Because of this I'm about to quit. Oil is my main concern.
  3. I smoked out of a bong yesterday and I the opening to it was to big to just fit my lips so I had tp put some skin on it. And today I woke up with 2 pimples in that area above my lip. Is this just a cooincidence or what?
  4. I'd like to know more myself. It's been humidhere in new york lately and it all seems to be sticking to my face. Either that or my skin is just producing so much more oil. Any words on this?
  5. Wow how can I be so stupid?! My skin broke out HORRIBLY! This is my skin's way of telling me it's not over and won't be over anytime soon. My face is officially disgusting. I can take a few unsightly pimples but now when I look in the mirror I just think the words pizza face. My body acne has been pretty good though at least. Do pimples spread? I think so because I have a bunch on my chin that are big flat and red with a little tiny whitehead. I think 1 spread to 5. Does this mean what I though
  6. Whenever I see a pimple forming it's gone the next day. All my pimples come and go 5x faster than they used to. Not only this but my acne has been almost non-existent recently. All I seem to be haunted with are what I call pimplets(tiny zits). Because my skin seems to be winning the war with acne does that mean this part of puberty is ending? My skins ability to fight off acne (which has been weakened due to puberty) is becoming stronger? Is it possible for this to be temporary (oh what a terri
  7. Will it go away? Will I wake up to lots of acne? How bad is this? I'm not washing it off because my acne doesn't need that irritation.
  8. I don't use any products anymore but I was thinking of trying this one out if it doesn't irritate my skin. Anyone try it?
  9. Hey man. I recently lost a lot of fat and got into bodybuiling also. I'm like a guru of everything bodybuilding. So if you, or anyone else here, has any questions on how to successfully build the body you want you can pm me or respond to this post. I'd love to help. I'm going to be a personal trainer when I get older so the experience in helping others will be good for me.
  10. I would assume I would be able to stop medication when puberty is over.
  11. Also I must add that I started getting acne at 14 years old and am now almost 17. I have mild moderate acne. It is still unsightly. I take EXTROADINARY care of my acne. Acne prevention is pretty much my #1 priority as I do not touch my face and don't let anything touch my face, I sleep without my face on anything, my schedule is worked around my acne example: my workout is schedule right before a shower, I take 2 showers a day morning and night, I don't use gel, and pop pimples only right before