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  1. I just noticed that on the main forum page, the text in the Logs section reads,
  2. Wait I don't have to use the Regimen to use this Benzoyl Peroxide, right? I mean, I can use whatever cleanser and moisturizer I want? Yep. I started The Regimen years ago, using all store bought products--Dove Beauty Bar as my cleanser, Neutrogena On The Spot as my BP, and first a Clean & Clear moisturizer, and then later Cetaphil--and it still worked great. I still use the Dove and Cetaphil, but I switched over to Acne.org BP a long time ago, because it's way more cost effective and t
  3. BP gets weaker once it expires, so yeah, return it. CVS is awesome about returns, too, so it shouldn't be a problem. : )
  4. Go up to the very top of this page and click the 'Store' tab. ; )
  5. Well, be careful. The dryness and irritation isn't always apparent at first, but it kind of sneaks up on you. I've seen plenty of posts from people starting too fast or using 10% BP that think they're doing fine, then all of a sudden, they're super red, super dry, and insanely uncomfortable, and they have to stop treatment entirely to let their skin recover before they can start all over again, with less BP or a lower concentration. There actually aren't very many 2.5% or 5% BP gels available
  6. If your skin is feeling tight, itchy, super dry, or is getting red, it's probably irritated. Some irritation is normal and to be expected with using BP. 2.5% BP is just as effective as 10% against acne, but it's been proven to be much less drying and irritating. With 2.5% BP, most people still experience dryness (sometimes severe) and pink/red skin early on, but 10% BP is so much more drying and irritating, and is simply too harsh for delicate facial skin.
  7. A lot of people purge when they start using BP. Keep in mind, though, than 10% BP is way too harsh, and may actually irritate skin, which can lead to breakouts. Your best bet would be to find yourself a 2.5% (or 5% at the very highest) BP.
  8. Ilovemesomevanity is right. If you've been on The Regimen for two months, and you're mostly clear, now would be a great time to add in the AHA to help with any remaining acne and PIH (red marks) that you have. Some people use the AHA as an additional step--after moisturizing, or in place of the moisturizing step. Dan specifically formulated his AHA to be moisturizing as well as exfoliating, so whether you use it after or in place of your moisturizer is up to you. I also agree with Ilovemesomev
  9. Just a head's up: You can add each update as a new post in this thread by using the 'Add Reply' button. That way, they're still all in one place, but it's easier for people to follow and comment on specific updates. ; )
  10. Moved to the Oily Skin Issues board, since this has nothing to do with the Acne.org Regimen Products. Please read the board descriptions before posting threads to ensure that you're posting on the appropriate board. ; )
  11. Keep in mind that Dan's moisturizer has jojoba oil in it. ; )
  12. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Attention...ne-t268912.html While I do enjoy 'Whose Line', this is the Emotional And Psychological Effects Of Acne forum. This is for discussing how acne affects you emotionally and psychologically. You may not make off-topic threads in here. We do have an off-topic forum, The Lounge, which you may post in after you become a Veteran member. Here are the details on that. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/lounge-re...ur-t147181.html