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  1. No worries! It'll last ages anyway. Good luck with it! :catdance:
  2. Thanks! Well, it's been two days and about four applications so far so here's my first testimonial. This rocks! :dance: I have generally very stubborn mild to moderate acne. Recently I'd been getting some really nasty redness flare up and nothing, no moisturisers etc. would calm it down. I can safely say to those of you who are unsure (or waiting on the post) that this is great. It's already reduced almost all the bumps in my skin to completely flat and has eliminated the redness (apart fr
  3. lilmissblonde, I live in the UK too and I got it from Bert & Daisy.. strangely, they seem to have stopped selling it :confused: or maybe they're just out of stock. Anyway, you can def get it in the UK for under a tenner! Don't pay over the odds! Mine took 4 days to deliver, it arrived today - will be sure to keep everyone updated here :catdance: EDIT: try here <-- the third one down is the one myself and citychick are using. It's about the same price I paid. Good luck! 5-7
  4. Ahhh, good call. I just rechecked and had completely overlooked that (and to think I'm a trained scientist!) I have just for experimental purposes been diluting sea salt in hot water, rinsing my face and letting it air dry. So far, after around 3 applications, it's got my acne under control in the same way as my facewash/BP did before, except with less redness. I'm looking forward to actually using the proper application method as used by the guys trying to get the patent - I will try to make
  5. Whilst waiting for my stuff to arrive, I've found another website that sells a similar product which is actually free of alum; pure mineral salt. They also sell them 3 for a tenner so it could prove to be a very cheap solution. Is anyone else trying this or looking to try it?
  6. Hey citychick, Thank you kindly for all the help. I've ordered it from bert & daisy and am really looking forward to trying it out! I will of course keep everyone on this thread updated about the results. For the record, I have moderate acne which has been very stubborn for about 5 years. It's starting to leave some reddening around and on my nose so I really want to bring that down! Thanks again! fs
  7. Hi everyone, I've been skimming over this board for about 3 weeks now, aiming to come on hear and share the wealth as soon as I found a cure! After seeing this thread citychick, I just had to join. Thanks for sharing the info. I just have a quick question, I'm from England (and I see you're a Scottish lass!) and I was wondering if you know anywhere to buy these products in the highstreet? I think I saw Holland & Barrett mentioned, and I was gonna head down there soon to check it out. Thanks