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  1. Hey, I'm thinking of getting some mineral powder makeup, possibly concealer but definitely foundation. I was just wondering if anyone could reccommend any good brands? I've been looking at the bare escentuals collection and I'm leaning towards that. Anyone had any experiences with it? I should say that I'm mainly looking to cover redness with the foundation - possible rosacea. Oh and I'm a guy. I don't really have a problem with wearing makeup but at the same time I dont want anybody to know if
  2. No, I didn't have the constant redness prior to the flushing. The redness only began (at least I only noticed it) a week or so after the flushing started. I haven't been to a dermatologist, I've been having a lot of trouble getting an appointment. I went to my GP though and he said I didn't have rosacea. I'm not sure whether to believe him or not. I mean he is a doc, but not one who specialises in skin and he didn't exactly have a good look, just gave me a kind of once over. Also my forehead
  3. It's possible I guess but I still reckon it's rosacea despite what my doctor says. The redness is mainly on my nose and across my cheeks and forehead, central facially, and Ive never used topical lotions, isotrex, on my nose so why would that be red? Though I haven't used it for a while and the redness does seem to be subsiding. I dont know. I just want it to go away. How long is normal for rosacea in terms of progression? I'm not really sure what you meant. Is it not just a sudden, out of now
  4. If I was you I would stop putting lotions etc on your face. Just use a gentle cleanser for a few weeks. You're probably just aggravating your sensitive skin by trying product after product. I've been having problems with redness myself (slightly different as mine is not all over just central - maybe rosacea? ) but I've seen some improvment recently. I've just been using Clinique anti-redness solutions gentle cleanser and nothing else topical wise. Seems to be helping. It's very gentle certain
  5. Ok, so I went to my doctor today, convinced I have rosacea. The problem was I went pretty much straight after waking up, when my skin isn't that red. He said no, not rosacea, basically get out of here you time wasting idiot, your skin is fine. It's a few hours later now and I can feel my skin, across my nose and cheeks gradually getting redder and redder. In an hour or so more it's gonna be bright red. I don't know what to do. I'm on the nhs, I've been waiting months for a derm appointment but t
  6. Ok, so im going to my doctors tommorow (as I said in another post) and Im thinking he's going to confirm I have rosacea. Though the redness isnt actually that bad yet, so he might not. Im quite paranoid because everything ive read says that rosacea progresses and early diagnosis is best. If he doesnt agree with me I dont know what im going to do. After all I have the symptoms, consistent redness down the centre of my face. Though thats a bit strange, I havent seen a picture with the same pattern
  7. Mmmm this might be what I have. But my redness is just under my eyes, nose and a little under my mouth. Not my chin, just the bit under my bottom lip. it isnt majpr red, but its really annoying me. Depressing me as well. I get the hot face and flushes as well. My face also stings and burns often, kinda like sunburn. Maybe I have this. More likely to be rosacea though I reckon. I go to my GP tommorow so we'll see. Not holding out much hope though - doubtful he'll know much about rosacea. Best I
  8. I would be interested to know what people think too. I ordered Clinique 'perfectly real make up' (100% fragrance free) and boots no7 colour calming base, before I really knew what I was dealing with. I'm convinced I have rosecea. I go to the docs on thurs for confirmation but Im already sure. This means I need makeup which does not irritate and aggravate the redness. Anybody had any experiecnce with the two products I mentioned? Would I be ok to cover up my rosecea with them? I dont want to tr
  9. Misery loves company I guess. So have you managed to see a derm about it and how long has it been happening for you? The redness and the flushing I mean. It's weird because its just so sudden for me. Just the last three weeks maybe, no warning, nothing. Just redness and these bloody annoying flushes which I get quite a lot. It doesnt help I dont think that Im an anxious person anyway, so know knowing that anxiety makes me flush obviously it happens a lot. What's even weirder is that I'm no
  10. I've never really had to look in this forum before, I used to just have acne, no facial redness. Now I have both. Lucky me. I first noticed the redness a few weeks ago, it started as these weird facial flushing moments, my face would get bright red and I'd get all stressed out. Then the more I worry about getting red the redder I got. Viscous cycle. That was a few weeks ago. Now its worse. I'm still getting the facial flushing, now actually more often, but also my face is red constantly too. M
  11. I'm 25 too, just turned, but unlike you I've had acne since I was about 15. Tens years is a LONG time, that's for sure. Im losing hair too, though I dont think its the same as yours, my hairline is just receding rather than overall hairloss. Im going to be bald with acne. A perfect combination. I notice you said you tried biotin supplements and that didnt work: a shame. Thats what I intend to try. Ive kind of been kidding myself that all my years on antibiotics have given me a biotin defficien
  12. I wasn't really sure where to put this but this seemed as good a place as any. Maybe if nobody can help I'll try the facial redness forum but I dont think that is really what I've got. Obviously I've problems with my skin and acne (which is why Im even on this site) but I dont think this is a related problem. The skin around my nostrils and in the folds of my skin which run from nose to mouth, kind of a little triangle, is red and inflamed. It might be shaving related because after shaving its
  13. Im taking about 400 milligrams a day of tetralysal and in-between my teeth the enamel is turning yellow. A few years ago I was taking it for over a year and my lower teeth became discloured. Now after starting again, after about four months, my upper teeth are going yellow as well. Is there anyway to prevent this? Or even better is there anyway (a cheap way ideally) to get rid of the exisiting yellow? Ive always had pretty good teeth and I really dont want bad skin and bad teeth. Can anyone help
  14. I really want to go out xmas eve and be confident and enjoy myself but unfortunately a bloody spot has just erupted on my cheek. Anyone any ideas how i can reduce the inflamation/redness quickly? Would icing it help? Failing that does anyone know how to bring the spot to a head so i can squeeze it? Please help!!
  15. Ive been on Isotrex gel for about a year now - its kinda working I think, I was just wondering whether DUAC would suit me better. Thanks for the advice though Im a bit unclear what you mean by straight antibiotic? Do you mean prescription tablets?