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  1. I love the natural treatments forum too - I am there all of the time! Yes, it will take at least a full month to clear up, at least for me it's taken that long. I just started my second pack and I still have a few spots that are healing, so it's been just over a month. Still, my skin is WAY better than it was. I think it will be totally clear by the end of the week. (I hope!!)
  2. I've been there! Just wanted to say sorry you're going through this, hope it gets better soon, and get some sunshine and exercise! When I was in high school and college people used to call exercise "Nature's Prozac". Now Prozac isn't the latest antidepressant, but exercise is still the best medicine. It produces "feel good" endorphins, AND it will help to clear your skin. On top of that, if you get some fresh air and sunshine, you will be getting vitamin D which is excellent for the skin, an
  3. i think it's hormonal because it's on my jawline and period started yesterday. still, it's no fun! i don't have any TTO which I'm tempted to try sometime, I do have BP 2.5% but I always find BP so irritating. I have some clean and clear spot treatment but lately that hasn't helped a bit. ugh :( Some things you can try- have two or three mugs of spearmint tea- it helps with hormonal acne because it reduces androgen production sort of like spironolactone. Also, take a lot of zinc- try to
  4. Same exact thing happened to me- just thought I'd post for anyone who is reading this and wondering if they should go off the pill to "give their body a break" like I was wondering. I was on Trivora (same is Trilevlin or Triphasal) and also taking spironolactone. Well I went off of everything because my skin looked great, i couldn't even remember the last time I'd had a pimple, and also because I haven't been dating anyone in months so I figured it would be a good time to "test" how I'd do. I
  5. I forgot to mention that I was responding to this statement made by rakbs. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and choices of course, but I wanted to correct this statement because it is simply wrong.
  6. Well consider that nuts, legumes and to a lesser extent fruits require far less resources to get the same amount. For example nuts are the less resource expensive food on earth. For square meter and for 100 times less water no food the provide a 500% more nutrient than meat. To produce a pound of meat it take 50 to 100 times more water and 70 times more room and 4 pounds of food. Actually 70% of all grains and in part soy goes to the feeding of animals for meat. So the issue of overproduction of
  7. I haven't eaten meat in years and my skin is usually clear, except when I'm under major stress which happens about once a year or so. I do agree with what everyone is saying about eating healthy and not just eating like a meat-eater minus the meat. You need to eat nutrient rich foods and have protein and complex carbs and healthy fats, lots of fruit and veggies and beans and nuts etc. I try to make sure I have a lot of protein every day and I don't eat junk like soda or french fries or white
  8. FYI- There is a post on here called "Phytoandrogens/ Hormones" started by The Baron- maybe you could ask him about coconut oil on there. Just an idea.
  9. Does anyone know exactly what a "green smoothie" is? After 20 years of acne and 15 years of coffee every morning I have just switched to drinking green tea in the morning. Is this the same thing. I am also going to try cutting out dairy (very hard for me) and limiting sugars (not so hard for me).
  10. UPDATE- the scab came off and there is new pink skin underneath. I just smeared more coconut oil all over my face and am going to bed. This stuff is amazing- topically, plus I am taking it as a supplement daily too.
  11. One more thing- about the coconut oil... I mentioned the brand name (Nature's Way) because I also ordered some online called Tropical Traditions or something like that (great website- very informative) and the coconut oil they sent me does not smell like the Nature's Way I bought at Whole Foods. I am going to return it. It doesn't smell good at all. It doesn't smell that bad, it just doesn't smell like coconut. I know it's hard for coconut oil to "go bad" but I am only going to stick with f
  12. Hi lunchoney... Ummm, where do I buy the chewable, non dairy probiotics? Also, Is this still working well with you? The acv also.. I eat really good also, you sound like me where diet is concerned.. The cocnut oil is going well still? I Have candida, or had it..' and female harmonal acne? So I am trying to address both, and I wanted to know how you take all three, the acv ,probiotics and the coconut oil.. bbut mostly the COCONUT IOL, AND PROBIOTICS? PLEASE HELP ME THANKS!!