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  1. wow........i haven't been to this site for a looooooooong time. but anyway, i use the dove essential nutrients toner. i like it-always leaves me feeling clean and refreshed. but to be honest, i don't exactly know what toners do for you. i'm just in the habit of using one, and since it doesn't do any harm maybe it's doing some good! good luck!
  2. cetaphil w/spf 15 completely stopped my dry/very flakey skin (i went to the store for eucerin but i couldn't find it and so i ended up with this stuff!)
  3. my face looks a lot better since i quit using so many products (C&C especially)! my health teacher explained how to wash your face and that you should just use a cleanser and toner, and i actually took her advice, and now i'm just using cetaphil and dove essential nutrients toner. then i started taking zinc and got a breakout, so i used the C&C BP once a day to help it go away faster, which helped, but now i'm back to normal. not to mention my redness has totally disappeared!
  4. i haven't used any dove cleansers, but i do use their essential nutrients toner, and i love it! i use cetaphil w/out water for a wash. it's awesome.
  5. i'm female, and i just bought some zinc today. it's 50 mg (that's all we could find because we were in a hurry), and i didn't buy any multi-vitamins. is that okay or should i really try to get some multi-vitamins? also, would centrum a to zinc be okay for that? thanks.
  6. i guess no one's interested in this, but i just thought i'd say it's still working really well for me, and i started taking zinc today too. i hope that'll help even more!
  7. i agree. i stopped using BP a few weeks ago and my redness is gone. i just use a really gentle cleanser now (cetaphil w/out water) and a toner and it's helped so much!
  8. lucky you. not only did my red marks not fade- my whole face turned really bright red. i guess i'm allergic to something in ACV.
  9. I got this regimen from an old post, but I changed it a little. I have mild to moderate acne, and I realized the C&C was only irritating my face. So here's what I'm doing now: In the morning (I wash my hands first), I use Dove Essential Nutrients Toner (non-alcoholic), and then put some Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser in my hands, rub it around, and then rub it gently on my face in an upward circular motion. I don't rinse it off; instead, I take a kleenex and pat off the excess. I do the s
  10. I don't know if this is what you're talking about, but I had some above my eyebrows that were hardly noticeable-you had to be really close to see them but you could definitely feel them. (They were from ACV.) I didn't treat them specially; they just faded away in a about a week.
  11. I've heard that white marks on your nails mean you don't have enough zinc. Is this true, because I thought everyone had those white marks?
  12. Thanks! Hopefully I won't forget it this time!
  13. Mallet, in this forum you should click on the pinned thread at the top. I think it's called Guide to Dietary and Herbal Supplements (something like that). It has a lot of good information and then click on the link to SweetJade's post about vitamins. It's really informative too.
  14. I don't know what to tell you, but maybe if you put this in the bacne forum you'd get more replies......just a thought.