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  1. i found the isotrek gel very good but dont put it on broken skin n only use a small amount less is best try only put it on a few spots n not all over yre face more is bad,do get spots on youre ears i do but cant put most products on youre ears cos theuy so sensitive : ),if n e body knows of n products let mwe no asap:)
  2. ive never liked antibiotics,k they kill infection but i took them for 5 years n my acne was just as bad with or without taken them one month on accutane n my face was clear it com bak wen i stopped takn them but it has helped c youre doc about a dermatologist app n u wil b sorted
  3. there r many side effects,i never suffererd from n e thankfully lips went a bit dry that was it but av read about people who have to use lipbalm on there lips everyday or vaseilien up there nose because theres no moisture,accutane shrinks glands that produce oil so they cant produce as much atleast thats the jistr she gave me once you have taken accutane the damage cannot b repaired,i found it helpt my skin but was getn small spots on my thighs?n had t use moisturier on them it can also make you
  4. a know what youre sayin must suck for acne to go away n com bak making u up then down up down etc i have acne constanly av never thought about it but its probably easier that way,i have my fingers crossed the scientist or whoeva can cure whats known as a minor skin condition but youre right its like slow torture
  5. i feel like that somtimes too but i have friends who r in long term relationships its not all great there r loads of other things than women,cars,drugs,music hookers :)am sure u will find love one day but until then we all just gotta do what we can in the meantime,dont worry be happy
  6. know how you feel:(,most ppl on here will,only takes one moment for youre whole life to change:)
  7. theres no quick way :(wen u c youre dermatoligist they will take blood samples do tests make sure u ok to take it this takes few weeks so even if u saw her/him today u still goin t have to wait its worth the wait tho really works,did for me but acne com bak wen i stopped but its not as bad,if youre really desperate check ebay for some but beware of the risks such as blindness bleeding from the bum,bowel disease and many more
  8. multi coloured mowhawk?: ),ad suggest keepn youre natural colour,maybe a couple of pink or blue streaks wud b hot
  9. u get used to feelin low after time get som cocaine som weed som alcohol consume until u wake up wondering what happend,and push on throo the next day only takes one moment for youre life to change,i try to accept how i look just now and not care wether im good,wierd,bad lookn etc n keep dreaming of a brighter day,the lower u go the higher u can go: ).what u look like or how much money u hav dosent matter its what u do with youre life that counts,sry if this dosent help or even make sense i blam
  10. i have had loads like that,tryn to pop will make it worse i would recomend clean and clear make up remover its like som sort of alcohol but dont drink it just dab the affected area it drys youre skin tho so try just get that area this will tighten the pore forcing out n e thin that may b inside,but if theres no swellin there prob isint but the make up remover will stop n e further infection and reduce redness tho: )
  11. should we be worried? what if one of these days we faint ive had that used to get it quite often when i was taking erythmicin n other antibiotics,doc says it just lack of oxygen to the brain: )i found tho if u think of a happy thought like scoring a goal for yr fav team in a cup final for example it calms u down n goes away : )