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  1. Im not to sure sorry as i have been just buying in in the shop myself recently. In Ireland tho, you def dont need a perscription to buy it - they just store it behind the pharmacy counter, so i usually go up there to get it in Boots. I found they didnt have it in some other chemists but ive seen it in all the boots over here. Id say maybe try the freederm lotion as a cleanser too instead of water, cos the nicam gel is not as strong as quinoderm - but if you use the two of them keeps ya clea
  2. Hi I would def say to try the Nicotinamide gel. I find it brilliant. Dont buynicotinamide gel under the Freederm name tho buy nicam gel. Its made by the same manufacturer, but its cheaper and comes in a bigger packet (60g vs 25g). You can buy nicam gel behind the pharmacy counter in boots if u live in uk/ireland. They sell it online too. However i find freederm lotion good though- you cant buy nicam gel in a clenser , but the freederm cleanser is brilliant. i found what works best, thought i
  3. Hi Your skin doesnt look to bad, compared to some people here but i no its hard when you compare it to people with perfect skin , who have never had acne. Its upsetting to think that your skin may have been damaged by BP, what regime are you using now? im 23 and when i was younger i often used harsh products , but ive since found that my skin responds well to gentler products. I also use a gel called nicam gel, which contains 4% nicotinamide. Its an anti inflamatory which might be good for
  4. Im Irish and live in Ireland..my dad has a bit of English in him...my mums Irish. I dont live in a hot humid climate with genes from a cold climate....but i still had acne before!!! so im not sure about this..people have acne the world over. its v mild now but was moderate a while ago.
  5. Why dont u try nicam gel if your in the Uk In the US i think its called nicamide T gel- its good stuff - no bleaching! you get in in Boots UK. In US i think u can order it from a drugstore.
  6. Im 23 now and ive just come to the conclusion that i think its finally gone!! Didnt know this would be the age it would go away/grow out of it..when i was finishing college 10 months ago my face was a mess. now im 100% clear besides usually two small spots i get at the time of them month, which only last for a few days Do really think using nicam gel, is great for adult acne, well it worked for me!! maybe grew out of it 2...its hard to say with anything, the age people finaly get it under co
  7. Yeah they do have loads of ads on the tv for it. If your buying it just buy nicam cos its cheaper than freederm, which only comes in a little tube, you get 60g when u buy nicam, nicam is made by the same company, its the same stuff it just aint marketed. you ll get it from behind the pharmacy counter in boots. its 21.69 euro so maybe around 17 pounds or so id say. i personally use it all over the face not just on individual spots, found this worked best because it stopped new ones forming!!
  8. Nicam gel (called freederm also in UK). I find it brilliant for mild acne. It basically puts a stop to it! Keeps me clear i love the stuff!
  9. Just wondering if anyone knew if it was bad for your health to take apple cider vinegar long term? read somewhere on this that it was bad for your digestive system, but does anyone have any more information?Is all that acid damaging to bones? i take it in the form of 600mg apple cider vingear tablets, and have done so for three months, i find it to be excellent , because along with a topical i am now clear! but wondering about it long term? even thought it is natural!
  10. I just wrote a post about this in the Adult acne fourm. i found that to stay clear after antibiotics, Nicam gel , which contains4% nocotinamide, is brillant. I found it better than bp, because it is not as harsh and it does not bleach, but it actually worked better than bp for me. By using this i found my acne did not return after antibiotics. I put the Nicam all over my face, even thought i did not have spots all over my face, just one or two. I just put the Nicam on at night but u can put it
  11. This wasnt my first time on Antibiotics am 23 so now have adult acne and have taken numerous differnt ones over the years! Aswell as Dianette, Yasmin ect which didnt really work. Think ive tried everything accept Accutane, it wasnt bad enough for that!This time i was on Tetralysal for six months! i always found the spots came back almost immediately after antibiotics, .The Tertralsal clearled my face to about 99% there was around one v small spots a week, which i can live with! but my chest was