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  1. PakaLoloz

    Me n Me

    Plz tell tell me if i look ok i sumtimes hav the worst self image of myself...and it suks....
  2. Hi, im looking for a new moisturizer without SPF, ive been using Dan;s moisturizer by it self but im getting a little tired of it, i have combination skin and i hate moisturzers that make u look shiney so please give your advice thank you
  3. Rate Dan's Moisturizer, ive been using Dan's Moisturizer by itself for 2 months now and i havnt used many moisturizers before so i would like to know what you guys think of it because im thinking of buying the Olay All Day Moisturizer, this is my routine= AM. Wash face with purpose soap bar, put Dan's Moistuirzer on PM. Wash face with purpose soap bar, put Retin-a on before i sleep my face gets a little red, and im just looking for a good moisturizer i have no more pimples just redmarks so
  4. So you tried Accutane and after that you went to the derm? :think: o the derm i got my acutane from i only saw him once the derm i go to now ive been seeing him for 3 months now every 2 weeks, i get shots in the face( hate that shots....IN THE FACE!!!) and some ultra violet thing over my face and my meds, so othe derm now is the real one, the guy before i swear i was in there for less then a min and i got my acutane and he didnt care at all....
  5. Hello pplz, names Jonny So lets start out by telling u all how i got my acne....Once upon a time i lived without the shame and disgust of my face but the at the age of 17 (now im 21) i knew there was a secret in my family, Which WAS!!!.....my mother was not my biological mother (she was a bitch anyway never liked her...real one was a bitch also...)so at 17 dealing with that was complicated and the stress started to cause just a lil acne, then i became 19 girls, sex, drugs, parties, that stuff,
  6. ive been one tretioin for 2 months and im happy as can be, i havent had a pimple in a month and only red marks left this is the best ive been in years, i only use it every other night now, now its time to get rid of the damn red marks.....
  7. aw thx guys! ya i like the purpose soap bar, but just got a little paranoid when i saw that thread...(dam thread)....i put the DKR moisturizer on mayb once in a couple days only when my face feels dry, but without it i dont put anything on Take a look at my daily regimen what do you guys think? positive and negatives please ^ ^v AM Wash face with purpose soap bar, dont put anything on after(sometimes DKR moisturizer) PM Wash face with purpose soap bar, put retin-A on before i sleep i hav
  8. cmon guys help me out here whenever i post a topic here nobody helps each other, i post topics on video game forums and those guys reply in like a min...this is a place to help each other i would expect more....
  9. i wash my face with purpose soap in the AM and i just put the DKR moisturizer on for the first time and at nite i put retin-a on, i read on "The biggest Mistakes people make" thread that i shouldnt use purpose soap bar what are your guys thoughts on that and what do you think of DKR moisturizer by itself? Thanks all inputs would be loved ^ ^
  10. ive been on retin A for about a month, ya i was thinking of adding a moisturizer do you think i could use the DKR moisturizer by itself? cause im scared to add anything that might do worse
  11. AM wash face with johnsons purpose soap dont put anything on my face for the rest of the day PM wash face with johnsons purpose soap, put retin-a on before i sleep i have red marks and one whitehead that popped out, i use to put clindamycin on before but i ran out so i have to go without for a month, i have DKR but i havent used it yet im just wondering if i should put something on in the AM THX
  12. so i got these bumps on my thumb cause thats where i kinda pet my face and now theres these little bumps plz help me its really scary... and this is my daily routine since i ran out of clinydamycin if u think i should add something plz help THX AM:shower and wash face with johnson's purpose soap and i dnt put anything on since i ran out of clindamycin PM:shower wash face with johnson's purpose soap and put on my retin-a before i sleep what do u guys think should i put just the DKR moistrizer
  13. so i bought the DKR for a backup plan havnt used it cause i was on a clindamycin and tretinion routine but now my clindamycin has ran out and im thinkin about using the DKR plan for a month, i have alot of red marks and jus one white head, im thinkin about using the DKR tonite while i shave what do you guys think? right now im just washin my face with purpose soap and nothin on afterward till at night putting on the tretinion, would the DKR help my red marks or should i just wait a month for my