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  1. nah, thats not what im saying. however i am saying i don't object to fucking without loving the girl. i think damn, if i didn't have this bad acne on my back, my life would be fucking perfect. thing is i think it's hard to love her when she dosent know the truth about me. ack shit. alright. photos tomorrow. i'm right out the door, just got off work. thanks to all that have posted thus far. oh and here's one i had just uploaded anyways. bad photo, but i mean you see i'm not fucking hideous and
  2. well if for some reason she's no longer living yeah that would be cool. i wonder if it would fuck things up if i tell her i have acne, but in like three months it should be gone so i'd just leave my shirt on for the time being.
  3. there's no way i can wait like, three months. i'm not in love with this girl- i might as well just call it off, tell her it's not going to work at least for the time being.
  4. dude thats the thing i'm not that fucking desperate where i'll have sex with her without her being aware.
  5. well no reason not to, i'll get pics tomorrow morning. i've never actually taken a look at my pic before with a camera, that would drive me nuts. also are you guys extremely biased, or only somewhat. i understand if this girl dosen't want me as i am then she isnt worth emotionally investing myself in, but well i'm not sure if i need to even be emotionally attached.
  6. trust me, this is the worst you've seen though in your sexual career. unless you've like, lived in an acne clinic. well, she can't go out tonight so me and my friends are gonna go get stoned and check out a carnival.
  7. haha. tank top wont cover it... ;o( i could probably get away with like having sex in the car or whatnot, so i could keep my clothes on. but i'm gonna need to tell her eventually. might as well tonight as we're making out.
  8. haha. well if she cares, fuck her. the worst i guess she could do is tell the entire school within the next three weeks before we graduate. i'd definetely tell her before, there's no way i could just leave my shirt on for nothing. but i wont tell her unless it gets to that level i guess. she came onto me. and i don't know if she'll care, it means we wont be able to go to the beach together or whatnot, or it may mean i have to drive her home immediately- i don't know how girls think. i've only k
  9. Yeah that was too long. This girl thinks im cute. We went to prom together, made out, however I didnt have sex with her b/c I was embarassed about significant acne scarring/bumps/redness on my back, from my shoulders to my mid-lower back. I was on accutane for a few weeks, it got tremendously better, but they fucked up my prescription and i was off it for two weeks until now. This girl has no idea I have acne on my back, I have moderate scarring on my face but I mean I have a good personality
  10. I started Accutane a little bit over a month ago. It improved GREATLY- before I would never even think of wearing a white shirt (due to a cyst breaking-> blood). yet after just a few weeks of accutane, i was able to wear a white shirt/suit to prom without worrying at all. i wish i was on this stuff earlier. however i took double the amount i was suppoused to, so for about two weeks i went without accutane. now i'm back on 80mg, but w/e. my skin is kinda bad again, three or so cysts have pop