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  1. I started accutane 44 days ago and i have cleared up dramatically. I have not experienced an initial breakout. I still have one cyst on my forhead and small acne but nothing compared to like before. However, i have a lot of redmarks. Dont worry about the IB. Things will be good by the end of your course.
  2. This is exactly happening to me too. Im on day 27 and barely last night i started getting blackheads that are very visible. I only have one on each cheek. Kinda embarrasing but my acne has cleared up so much im kinda excited Can these blackheads be considered as an IB?
  3. is it ok to be taking vitamin c while one accutane? and is any home made mask harsh on face while on accutane?
  4. sorry about that...LOL..but u can really tell how dam desperate i am...:/ lol it kinda makes me feel better knowing that there are other people going through the same situation but id rather prefer that we could just live on with our lifes and not have to worry about this :/ :/ i know...initial breakout....but some people get them and others dont...so idk... i might go on it any time this week . I guess this is the last remedy for me....its kind of exciting to go on that pill LOL
  5. oic..this all makes sense... just give it another try. Add her, Message her again, but his time write something that will appeal to her good luck and dont feel bad about this..it will all clear up and if it doesnt it should be the least of ur worries. Im here sitting in my room just trying to clear up this acne :/ Thats something u should worry about if u have any..LOL
  6. A) IF u havent seen this girl for a while. I mean a very long long time and u decided to talk to her and she didnt reply then its not worth chasing after her. She probably doesnt like you. She has probably moved on in her life B) If she gets along with you and you added her and she didnt reply then i would find that wierd of her Were u two close friends? Did she care for u too? if she did than its wierd of her part. But if she did not really ever care for u then wat is the point of chasing her
  7. I would find it awkward of you to say "are u okay?". That to me is completely wierd. After not talking to her for a very long time all u can come up with is are u okay? Naw man. You shouldved been like "Hey, remember me? ... not "Are u okay?" its not like u see her everyday to come up with that question. Anyways, good luck with her
  8. thanks for the advice man. Thats what i am trying to do and trying to keep thinking positive. I think im obsessed with my skin because i am always lookin at a mirror and i look at how bad it is. Im trying to avoid them and trying to just live life. But its difficult. Especially when u havent seen ur girlfriend for a month because of u skin. She hasnt seen my skin this bad. Im just happy she said if its that bad then she will wait for me. All these things depress the sht out of me. I was living l
  9. yea..it really bothers us since we arent used to having a face full of acne. Before i had acne i didnt even know that acne was a problem in so many people. I had no idea wat it really was...not untill i started breaking out and it has progressively gotten worse. It just really depresses the sht out of me because im not used to having it and so many of my friends havents seen me like this and wat are going to be there reactions?.." wat happened to u"? I have reached the point where i start cryin
  10. OMG!! i totally relate to you...im going to be a senior in a month and im not looking forward to it at all. I finished my junior year with mild to moderate acne. Now it has gotten worse. Not in the sense that i have a lot of pimples but in terms that i am left with redmarks. My cheeks look like red balloons or something. I have spent most of my summer at home. The only time i get out is when i have soccer practice or soccer games. Im so confused with this stupid acne it really kills me. I rarely
  11. there are days where i am trying to be like whatevers and face the world..but those times almost never occur :/ i think im freaking out myself because i have bad acne. It is very shocking because i never had this acne. It started barely 2 months ago and now my face is literly crap... but im going on accutane anytime this week as soon as my insurance covers it and i hope for the best . wish me luck
  12. Do it again. I did my homework and research and I see that accutane is your best best for right now. I LOVE IT!!!! The 6th time is the charm. Ask your doc to prescribe two courses of treatment, that can help with long term effectiveness. (5 months on, 2 months off, 5 months off). Also I would try Perricones daily vitamins. As you begin accutane go on antiiotics to clear up what you have (Amoxicillan works, nothing else). Also try 35 % glycolic acid peel. You can find some on amazon.com . Hope t
  13. bro..we are on the same boat...i tell her i cant see her like this and ill see her till it gets better and she understands..she doesnt get mad..she just says that its not that bad...i say to myself "wtf? it is really bad and i dont want to feel embarrased!".. i just hope it gets better soon :/ this sht fucks up my life!!! FUCK!!!!!!! lol..i just hate this like u..
  14. OMG!! My face wasnt all that bad when i ended my junior year this june...my face worsened in terms of redness but acne wise is probably the same... i started summer a couple weeks ago and i will really conscious on how my face looked...im much less active in school and try to avoid my friends..but when i see them they dont seem to care...but im so conscious of how i look that i just try to avoid friends overall...:/ but yet again..thats me..and i despise acne so bad and i just stare at others pe
  15. dude..fuckin acne is a fuckin killer...i am in the same situation....my face is clearing up nicely i suppose but its still fucken red and brown and omg..i look in one mirror and it looks red, i look in another mirror and it looks brown...wtf???!?!?!?!??! i also got a girlfriend who is the best girlfriend ever and i told her if she can wait for me while i recover but i dont know if its going to recover in less than a month or something... fucken acne sucks balls!!! fuck this sht!!!! ... but the