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  1. I suffered from mild breakouts on and off for months and I have finally found a system that worked for me here it is. St Ivies medicated scrub Clearasil Daily Face Wash Neutrogena Clear Pore gel (to fade red marks after my skin had cleared) Clean and Clear Persa Gel (to treat my breakouts) Eucerin Renewal moisturizer Morning Clearasil Daily Face Wash Eucerin Renewal moisturizer Night St Ives medicated scrub Clearasil Daily Face Wash Persa Gel on broken out spots Late on when my skin was cl
  2. Thanks so much. Yeah I'm a tiny person too so I was sorta surprised that I got them.
  3. Recently my breasts have grown a full cup size and I have notice some slight strech marks on my boobs. People can hardly see them but they still bother me. Is there anything I can do to correct them? Is there any chance they may just go away on their own? I know this isn't a make up topic but I could use the help. thanks Driftwood
  4. I have been using that powder for months and I have not had a problem with it yet. Driftwood
  5. Recently I have been thinking about dying my hair a Lindsay Lohan red so I thought about using Loreal's Color Pulse. It is a non-permanent hair coloring mouse,so this way if I don't like the color it will just wash out. The only problem is I already dye my hair a dirty blonde color, will this effect the how permanent the mouse will be? Will it still wash out? any help would be great. Driftwood
  6. I wanted to go tanning a little bit before prom to get a healthy glow. Not to be unnaturaly tan or anything but just a little something for my fair complexion. Everyone tells me that going tanning will make me look like I'm 35 at 25 how true is that? What if I wore sunscreen on my face and neck and just got a cover up to match the rest of my body?? Driftwood
  7. I used it in middle school I liked it, I didn't think they made it anymore. Driftwood
  8. I wouldn't use it everyday but it is a good facial treatment in my opinion. Driftwood
  9. Morning Clearasil Daily Face Wash Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion (Clear Skin Formula the one with the green cap) True Match Makeup Night Clearasil Daily Face Wash Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub Clean & Clear Persa-Gel ( only on the prone areas and on active spots, after I'm clear I plan on switching to Neutrogena Clear Pore Gel because BP in general isn't good for your skin in the long run) Every once in awhile I use Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque makes pores look small, bl
  10. I use the day time moisturizer, it works really well not so much for clearing skin as it is for keeping it clear, I have been using it more as a preventive treatment. It makes my skin look glowing and did a lot for fading red marks. Over all I like it, it hasn’t caused any problems and is reasonably priced at about 10 dollars a bottle. And just something I feel like sharing with everyone Clean&Clear Persa-Gel is the best BP treatment I have ever used. Driftwood
  11. Clean and Clear makes them as well as Neutrogena, I find them at my local Wal*Mart as well as most drug stores are they any good? I have never tried them myself but I stoped using BP so I'm only using topical SA treatments. Do they work nicely??
  12. After reading many articles on the long-term effects of BP causing premature aging I have decided to switch to a SA type of treatment. I found Neutrogena Clear Pore Gel on drugstore.com and it had good reviews but I was just wondering if anyone hear has tried it with any luck. Thanks Driftwood
  13. Thanks you very much, I'm actually going on birthcontrol very soon and was wondering what I should take to treat acne. I don't have bad acne at all I just get enough to make me want to peel off all my skin and wear a mask. Nothing that isnt hidden by well applied make up but ya know I want to feel pretty without it. Thanks Driftwood