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  1. Hi I am three weeks post my dermbrasion treatment for my acne scars. At the moment to be honest there is no difference in my acne scars also, my skin has got a shniey waxy texture has anybody else experienced this??? and does anybody know if this will resolve on its own???
  2. Hi Five months ago I had a fully ablative co2 laser resurfacing done to help with my pitted acne scars. Five months on I'm really down because my skin looks like it has a burnt appearance which is more noticeable with makeup. Has anyone had this? and does this rough texture of the skin settle by itself???Advice really needed by anyone who has had a fully ablative co2 laser resurfacing. email add:[email protected] Thanks
  3. Hi Matt and everyone Can subcision be usedon any pitted acne scar? and also has anyone combined subcision with suctioning?????
  4. Im having co2 laser resurfacing for my acne scars this week so wish me luck. I suffer from indented pitted scars on both of my cheeks and i have light asian skin
  5. hi thanks for replying yes im using the liquid foundation because you're right the powder made my scars look worse. but i also use the mac studio fix concealor that comes in a small circle container and is reaally opaque do you think that could make my scar look worse too thanks
  6. hi sima thanks for getting back to me. well after your encouragement i went out of the house today for the first time without any makeup but then i admit i felt really paranoid and after like half an hour i came back home to put it on. but im sure i'll get to that stage where i can be makeup free like you. its just that my acne has left me with red marks and dented scars so without makeup i feel very insecure. i have been on rouaccutane in the past ive been on it twice but my acne isnt bad anym
  7. hi sima sorry you said Moisturize in PM with jojoba & vitamin e oil mix. is this oil okay for acne prone skin??? where can i buy it from??? do i only use it in the evening (pm) if yes what woul i use in the morning??? Thanks once again
  8. hi sima thanks for replying...life without makeup mmhh im not that brave i feel so unconfident without foundation or anything. do you know what ive recently purchased? ive bought myself dr perricone skin clear cleanser and skin clear moisturiser and dr perricone Md skin supplements it was very expensiveeeeeeee but i hope its worth it. But i do wish i saw your post earlier before getting them. My skin at the moment looks pretty dry...very dry i think its all the products ive been sing so what wou
  9. hi i use mac studio fix foundation and concealor its the only foundation that doesnt cause me breakouts. but i think it makes my dented acne scarring look worse
  10. hey my name is salma i suffer from severe depressed acne scarring on both my cheeks. i apply makeup but sometimes i feel like i make my acne scarring look worse. At the moment im using MAC products because i dont break out but my skin looks awful my skin looks dry, im mositurising with dr perricone md and ive had a co2 fractionated laser done on my acen scars its made my scars worse and left me with visible dots all over my cheeks. Can someone please advice me on skin prep and makeup for dented