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  1. Oh, by the way, i've read that vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) in very high doses can cure acne. It's supposed to be as effective as Accutane but without the dangerous side effects. See www.b5acnetreatment.com best of luck sweetheart x
  2. Hi sweetheart, first of all, let's just set aside what's happening to you on the exterior (your skin) and look deeper to what is going on in your interior....digestion, hormones, deficiencies etc. I have acne-rosacea (a permanently red face that hurts like sunburn) and i believe that is caused by low stomach acid (hydrochloric acid ~ not enough made in the stomach) Hence not enough HCl means i am not digesting my food and am suffering malnutrition which is reflected in the skin, especially t
  3. Hi, yes absolutely, the sun is the no.1 trigger for rosacea flare up. ALWAYS wear a high sun protector ( over 30spf )and wear those large sunshades with UVA that will cover most of your upper cheeks. The sun is very damaging to any skin types but sensitive skins will suffer badly. Avoid sunbathing or getting a tan. I only have to sit in a car on a summer's day and my face goes bright red from the heat of the sun. Take care of your sensitive skin and prevent any further damage by wearing
  4. HI, I'm a new member here but acne rosacea is not a new disorder for me as i have suffered for many years initially with acne but after i hit my thirties, rosacea hit me hard and it continues to worsen, despite many different acne and rosacea treatments. Well, almost at the end of my tether and many trials and errors (and lots of money) later, i decided to try this PROSACEA homeopathic gel. Well, it's only been three days of applying this gel twice daily and ALREADY i am seeing and feeling FAN