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  1. benzaclin was what I was thinking of...it is a combo BP and clindamycin. Has anyone tried this for mild, superficial acne...does it work?
  2. Just got back from the derm. Was hoping to get prescribed accutane but said that my acne was very minor and that a low dose accutane method would not stop my oil production, which is my main problem. So, there goes that...none of these derms want to give me the stuff just to stop the oil. They say the oil will just come back. Anways, he prescribed some sulfur-based anti-biotic named bactum, which I actually have to get blood tests after using it for six weeks. Anyone tried this stuff and if
  3. Thanks for the help! Yeah, I knew going it alone wasn't the safe bet. I was just surprised to see so many places on line offering it without a prescription and didn't know if maybe doing a low dosage and all of the generics now available were the reason why. Since you are on your second course, did the oil just come back after years? Also, was there a bad initial breakout since you only had moderate acne with oily skin? I guess I'm hoping that I can just dry up without too much of an initia
  4. I'm 29 and have extremely oily skin since I was 16. In fact, the oiliness has only gotten worse over time. However, I only have mild acne, but it is persistent. My pimples constantly come and go around the oiliest parts of my skin. Since I have only had mild acne, most derms only give me the routine topicals, oral antibiotics, etc. They do absolutely nothing for me. In fact, I never even go through a purging phase with the retin-A's, taz, or differin. My question is this...since I rea
  5. I'm 29 and have been suffering from EXTREMELY oily skin since I was 16. I have had very mild acne the entire time but persistent as new ones will come and go in a matter of days, but I always have new pimples coming. I have tried every OTC product, every oral antibiotic, every prescription (Taz, differin, retin-a, etc) and it does nothing. I don't even notice a purging phase with these topicals. I'm wondering if I'm a good candidate for Accutane to stop this oil. I was thinking a low dosage
  6. I have been using this for about a month now. I have only noticed a decrease in oil production on my chin and cheeks. Of course, this was the least oily part of my face. My forehead still is horrible. My question: I put a lot on my forehead since it is so oily, but I wonder if too much is a bad thing. Does anyone know if I put too much that it will not help more? I know they say that for Retin-A and Taz, but that is mainly because it will just dry you out. Any thoughts?
  7. My skin is so oily that it didn't dry it at all. My skin felt a little tight at first, but I got used to it. I just don't know if this vitamin A sol. is better, the same, or not as effective.
  8. I have been on tazorac gel for over 6 months. It has worked up to a degree. My mild acne has subsided, although I do get a zit here and there. However, my oily skin has not gone away at all. I just purchased the Vitamin A+ solution from thevitamincure.com. It seems as if some people have had good success with oil decrease. Since tazorac is just vitamin a derivative, is this straight vitamin A going to be any better? I'm wondering if this solution is just for people who don't want to go to
  9. How is everyone doing as of late? I just bought some and tried it for the first time last night. Am I supposed to notice a difference in oil production on the first day. It seems as if some of you have and some haven't. Also, I was on tazorac gel before this. I still have plenty left. Is this vitamin A stuff better than tazorac? Any thoughts....I understand the cost is an issue for some, but I already have a tube so I wasn't sure if I should just use the tazorac. It works well, but my o
  10. Sometimes, I think doctors don't know any more than we do. I mean, we all hate this problem so much that we research ways to help us and become more knowledgable than doctors. Bai, I went to my doctor yesterday and she told me to just stick with the same thing. I told her that my acne is clearing up and breakouts are very minor but this oily skin is still a problem. I asked her if there is anything to do and she said no. I mean there are a lot of options. Honestly, I think low dose accut
  11. I have been on taz for about 4-5 months. I've always had only mild, persistent acne....mainly because my skin is super oily. I have had success with taz as far as minimizing the breakouts. If I do get any zits, they are small and fade quickly. However, my oil has not decreased. My doctor told me that the more you keep using it, the better because it will shrink oil glands. I haven't noticed it decreasing at all. In fact, I have an appointment this week to discuss other options on what t
  12. I've been on tazorac for 4 months now with some success but still suffer from persistent mild acne with OILY skin. My derm just prescribed clindamycin topical to put on in the morning to help with the oiliness. Has anyone used this and has it helped at all? My concern is that with so much alcohol it leaves my skin real tight which I feel will cause me to produce more oil. Sometimes, I feel that my derm doesn't know what he is doing. Please let me know if this helped for you at all. Thank
  13. Anyone here ever use the somewhat new Smoothbeam Treatment to reduce oil production? I really want to decrease my oily skin so I though this might work. Is it effective and how much does it cost?
  14. I'm interested in Smoothbeam treatment as I have extremely oily skin. Has anyone on her done this? If so, is it worth it and how much does it cost? It seems perfect since it shrinks your oil glands. To me, it would be like accutane without any of the side effects. Just not sure if I should ask for this with my doctor. Thanks for the help!