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  1. I like electrocautery for my sebaceous hyperplasia. It's cheap and works great. Almost any derm can do it. The device is often called a hyfrecator. I circle the spots or dot them with a ball point pen because they can be hard to see for the doc.
  2. That's a bummer. I was hoping that there would be good results. It sounded so promising. I think lots of growth media come from animal sources. Keep us posted.
  3. What is think is really helpful is pineapple, papaya, and mango because they contain enzymes (papain and the other ones) that break down protein (e.g., scars). You marinate tough meat in pineapple, or mango, or papaya to make it more tender and it works because the enzyme are breaking down the protein. When my acne was at its worst I used to take papain pills or you can eat lots of fresh mango, papaya, and pineapple. I think it helped me, and it's good nutrition. Hope this helps.
  4. Derms do it, and they call it dermaplaning if I remember correctly. I have read good thing about it. Google dermaplaning.
  5. Levulan is great for bad texture and it worked well for me. HTH
  6. I had a chicken pox scar on my cheek vbeamed and the scar collapsed and flattened when it was lasered. When it healed it was flatter, but not as flat as when it was first lasered. Beware that vbeam at this intensity will cause a bad purple bruise. Thanks for the info. My scar is slightly indented,too. I am like you ... in some lights it looks awful... I was wondering if v-beam would make a difference in the indentation. I may consider, because parts on the scar are red and brown discolored.
  7. Make sure you use a sunscreen on the healing pimples because they will become redder when exposed to the sun. It's called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I like that Clearasil cover stuff because the zits fade really well under the cover. If the spots don't fade to your liking, then the vbeam laser can get the red out. HTH
  8. You know I think my use of Benzyl peroxide and sulfur based acne medicines did weather my skin, and my use of a UV light to kill my zits. The UV light did help, but I think it did age my skin a bit. So then I did Cooltouch, which was a waste, some V-beam which got rid of the broken capillaries and sebaceous hyperplasia, three rounds of Levulan with blu light, and all the while while with Tazorac. My skin is great again. Although I may try Active FX and Total FX soon.
  9. First off, I never let them inject my cysts. I let them resolve naturally. In the meantime, I cover them with Tazorac and Clindagel. You need a fat injection to restore the lost volume.
  10. I think a syringe of butt or stomach fat would restore the contour nicely. Fat can be injected in really small pearls in a serial technique to really change the contour subtly. It doesn't take much to change the contour. fat is wonderful stuff. It can raise the cheeks and get rid of under eye hollows. Check around for a derm who likes to work with fat. It can take a few sessions, but in some cases it can be permanent. I have had two rounds of fat grafting and am very happy with it. Peace.
  11. Hey MooShoo, "State of the art" in my usage means a laser center that was run by a past AAD president (until his untimely death last year), which is one of only several on laser derm clinics on the East Coast which does a lot of publishing and medical research for a number of corporations (which is still honest with patients), and which is not a spa-like clinic that is designed to gouge patients. It's tough to find such a clinic at a good price. There is a comparable one in NYC, but it's at a
  12. You should scrub your skin the morning of treatment with an exfoliating product. In addition, the doc should do an acetone scrub to defat the skin prior to applying the Levulan.
  13. LOL LOL You would like a very specific answer: improvement level 2 at least for pore size, but you neglected to ask about other factors. I had some really stretched out pores. BTW, most men I know do not have invisible pores. Only women in my experience have invisible pores. Here are the other benefits you did not ask about: the orange-peely look of my skin disappeared the dully waxy look disappeared skin was no longer greasy to the touch Many of my SH bumps vanished. Better skin tone an
  14. All my cysts filled in on their own in a couple months. Also, never get a cortizone injection to shrink a cyst. I would see a derm about a Smoothbeam laser spot treatment to increase collagen production to make the dent "pop" back out. It shouldn't be very expensive because it's only a small area that they are treating. HTH Joe
  15. Hey Guys, I have SH and have tried everything. I got completely fried by the first Levulan experience. They applied the Levulan and it incubated for one hour and then the blue light for 15 minutes. I have heard of some docs using a generic ALA brand that was less effective. The 15 minutes under the blu light were very very painful. It felt like jets of steam were escaping from my skin. I made the mistake of shaving with a blade razor that morning, which I think allowed too much of the drug t