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  1. i didn't notice too much of a change after the first one... i just had a second one now last week and i didn't break out nearly as bad and my skin is smoother now... i get another one in two weeks and my 4th one 3 weeks after that i'm hoping this will be the end of my battle i did this for acne scaring... i've noticed my pores are smaller from this too
  2. i started getting breakouts when i was 12... after 5 years of going to a dermatologist my mom made me go to an allergist to get tested for allergies... i'd never been allergic to anything that we knew of but it was something we thought we should try turns out i'm allergic to peanuts i quit eating things with peanuts and my breakouts seemed to go away... unless i ate something that could be contaminated with peanuts... so i do still get them T_T but i know a way to avoid it has anyone else had s
  3. have you thought of seeing someone at a skin care place rather than a derm dr? my luck with derm dr's is very negative... i had much luck with skin care places obagi works super... it's expensive but it's the only thing that worked for me
  4. so i just had my first laser treatment wednesday they used Lux1540 fractional laser the pain wasn't too bad but i'm not looking forward to my next one they told me i will break out from it for the next couple days and they sure didn't lie about that i've got tons of little whiteheads all over my treated area and my skin seems so dry has anyone else had this done? how long can i expect to have my skin feel so dry and be flakey? i think the breakouts are almost over and my face is still a littl
  5. wait until your moisturizer is completely absorbed into your skin your face should not feel sticky when you touch it
  6. i tried the lexli oil free moisturizer and i've tried the lexli moisturizer for normal to dry skin and i really like the one for normal to dry... it does have some oils in it but it doesn't make me break out... it's all aloe based and it also has 15 spf in it my mom commented that it makes my skin glow it's a little over 30 dollars a bottle but it lasts a long long time
  7. try a mineral based concealer with green tea... it helps the healing process go faster and it covers pretty well i've tried the jane iredale line and they have this product and it worked for me
  8. i've been using mineral makeup since january 08 and i love it i use jane iredale liquid foundation and i also use the pressed powder to put over top use a good moisturizer too... i use lexli moisturizer for normal to dry skin... the lexli line is completely aloe based so it's very gentle... i also use the aloe based cleanser the mineral makeup lasts longer than other makeups like covergirl, mabelline, etc
  9. mihwa

    obagi before and after

    these are the pictures i still have from my obagi treatment... i deleted a lot of them... don't know why i have pictures both sides before i start obagi after 2 weeks and after 4 months
  10. i had this done it didn't give me the results i had hoped for it helped the acne a little bit but not a lot i've gone through 13 of these and it didn't really help my scarring if you want real results i'd go with a laser... i just had my first laser done wed... i can't tell my results yet but i will let ya know i like obagi too... obagi seemed better than microdermabrasion
  11. i just had my first one of these done wednesday... it hurts the girl that did it to me had it done too i asked her if it's worth it and she said yes i have 3 more to go... one every three weeks my face swelled up quite a bit and i looked like a cabbage patch doll also i broke out with tons of little white ones but they aren't that bad... they go away easily oh... your face will feel like it's on fire for awhile after too... mine was about 2 hours