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  1. How is accutane working out for you?

  2. thanks but my lighting isn't very good. so it doens't look exactly right. plus i've tried everything else and accutane was the only thing left.

  3. oh well if my lips get too dried out I'll have to remember those products. Right now though, I'm using eucerin at night on my lips and sometimes in the morning if needed. My lips aren't dry to where they hurt but they're drier than normal and during the day I use Burt's Bees Wax and it seems to help really nicely. what kind of cream are you using for you lips? My derm started me right off at 40mg. Guess she wasn't so concerned about the safety. lol jk. Are you taking anything for your joints
  4. hey what do you need accutane for???, lol looks like you already have perfect skin

  5. i am just done with my accutane, but oh definitely. i agree with that statement. my friends will always whine about having a spot and i used to tell them that they weren't allowed to mention spots because i won hands down on th spot front. good luck with your treatment, it's difficult at times but you soon get used to side effects (flaking skin etc) and it becomes part of your life. i'm lost without it now! good luck, i hope it sorts your skin out once and for all. it's wonderful in th end, so
  6. I have just started Accutane and I wonder if anyone else is out there who would like to go through the experience with me? Not just one person but any person. I've been hiding from my acne and have been embarassed by it for TOO LONG! I'm READY for the change! So if you're out there, just talk to me!