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  1. Maybe your using the creamy one... i heard thats easier to take off.
  2. Acne caused by inner body processes... other factors may bother your skin like touching it, foods, sun etc. that may make your face worse. Thats from my experience, im 15 and am "suffering from acne" for 2 years and counting. To tell the truth, the only reason i have suffered is because 80% of the girls I like don't think im physically attractive so I end up as the "friend". My luck has changed recently because there are girls that are looking through my skin... it feels so good inside that i r
  3. Mine didn't fade at all. It just made my face look white all over (like a freak). Anyways, im back to the soap and water and its doing just as good as the Bp...
  4. Im back to the old soap and water technique which leaves my face feelin good everyday. I feel so good about my skin right now because girls are looking at me from the inside. It feels so good to know that there are people that don't care about appearnece as much. I have hormonal acne and it should go away in 2 years or so. Until then ill not worry about my face and hopefully progress my social life. My dad had the same problem as me, the red spots and all, but they went away when he was 17 and
  5. Aw man, i think im gonna lay off Desitin for a couple nights. It has "bleached" my face white. Damn, im gonna turn into Micheal Jackson soon... Anyways, my dad said its making me look like a freak today so im going to try just washing my face twice a day for a couple days.
  6. Eric, are you using the creamy Desitin cause im using the ointment. I will try out what you said tonight, wish me luck!
  7. I use the ointment. When I woke up today, my face was still white! I didnt know what to do. My face is still white right now because i cant wash it off! I applied it on 1/2 of my face and it looks weird. I waited 4 hours last night after appling to go to bed as usual but when i woke up this morning my dad said "gregg, why is your face all white?", I looked in the mirror and i guess the Desitin didn't soak in completely over night or something... Does anyone use Desitin 2 times a day? Like during
  8. its not physically impossible for everyone to lick their elbow, where did you get all those neat facts. I learned a lot in like 3 minutes...
  9. Hey guys, its been 2 busy days for me on Desitin without posting and the results keep getting better except i got 1 pimple from shaving yesterday. I have sensitive skin and it seems like Desitin is too strong for me under my eyes. I also found out that Desitin has worked for my body acne! Yes my body acne is fading! I love that word, fading. Anyways, my face doesn't itcy anymore, the BP made my face itch, and when i sweat, i dont have a "milk face" due to over moisturizing. Maybe a product simil
  10. I tried Desitin after looking at websites. It says it helps baby acne and people have created web pages on acne solutions with Desitin being one of them. Anyways, last night i used Desitin again after showering and when i woke up, poof 3 red spots are completely faded. I have 3-4 more dominant red marks that fade about 10% each night. They are barely noticeable from farther than 10 feet and i hope they will eventually fade because they seem deep. I think Desitin will just keep bringing me new s
  11. i shave with 3 blades, i dont get a close shave with an electric razor... you should be able to find the dispozable i blade razors at almost any retail store.
  12. No, i take a shower and apply Desitin when my face drys. I dont even put on moisturizer overnight, no wonder my face got dry the first time i used Desitin...
  13. I got mine at Walgreens, i think Wal-Mark should have it. Many retail stores like Target, Walgreens, Kmart, etc. should carry DESITIN. Ill keep you guys posted... ah so smooth~ -Gregg
  14. i have the ointment and i just dabbed lightly on the red spots, when you wake up its all gone and absorbed by your face. I put it on 3-4 hours before bedtime because it takes time to dry.
  15. Now 3/4 of my skin is "baby skin" and the other part is still a bit dry. Good news, i didnt peel at all today and my red marks faded 30%!~ Thats good considering i put very little DESITIN on last night. Yay! I hope my red marks keep fading (thats all i have on my face now!) -Gregg