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  1. Where can I change my username in the Control Panel? Thanks
  2. Today is day 10 and I feel normal with improved scars. Yay! I am going to have my 2nd treatment on July 18th. I will post photos.
  3. I have updated the photos. The brozing skin has completed go back to normal. You can notice slightly improvement after the first treatment. However, the dermatologist said that I needed to wait up to 6 months after the last treatment to see the "real" result. http://s283.photobucket.com/albums/kk306/liemonline/fraxel/
  4. Asians will get a higher chance of hyperpigmentation if have Fraxel re:pair. I believe Fraxel re:store is somehow safer to go. Today is day 5. I had stayed in for 6 days. Half of face has been peeling of. My face looks pink now, so I'm able to go in the public without being nervous. The scars improve significantly, especially on my temples. The scars are still there but smoother. In a nutshell, I need at least 7 days staying at home after the treatment. The scars have been improved. I still ha
  5. Today is day 3. My face looks darker and brownish than it used to be. It's less swelling, almost normal. It looked pinkish on day 1 though. I also see many tiny rough scabs on the whole of my face. It's like you rub your face with sandpaper ><. I am wondering if I can go back to school this Monday (day 5). I'm scared, do I have PIH right after the first treatment? I look so ugly now, I don't want to go out. It's bad. Here are photos: http://s283.photobucket.com/albums/kk306/liemonline/
  6. Update: I visited another Dr this morning, he is Dr. Pilest (totaldermatology.com). He seems to be a very experienced dermatologist. When I was in Dr. Pilest's office, many patients came in. On the other hands, there was only me when I visited Dr. Heinrich's office. Anyway, I've heard that Dr. Heinrich is also an experienced dermatologist in OC. In addition, Dr. Pilest's office is located in Irvine; so he must be honest when he said that he had had many Asian patients. He advised me to have 5 t
  7. He asked me to use Tri-Luma for a month before the procedure. Furthermore, he told me that he had experience with Asian patients.
  8. Yes, he did mention about the risks. However, he also told me that the hyperpigmentation is easy to remove though.
  9. Hi everybody, I'm an Asian and have suffered from acne scars for over 5 years. Last week, I met doctor James A. Heinrich (his website: pacificcoastcosmetic.com) and he advised me to have 3 treatments with DeepFX and 1 treatment with ActiveFX after that. They quoted me $4,800. My questions are: 1. I've heard that there is only 1 treatment needed with DeepFX, why he advised me to have 3 treatments? 2. Is the new laser treatment Fraxel re:pair better than DeepFx? Fraxel should be better for Asia
  10. Hi, I have looked up for a couple of days but I've not found any offices in Orange County that provide TotalFx treatment. 1. Anyone knows good doctors offering TotalFx in Orange County, CA? 2. TotalFx vs Fraxel re:pair? Thanks,