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  1. Can someone please post Bob's contact info? His website seems to be down. I'd like to order a large quantity, and the supplier on ebay is way too unreliable. If you dont want to post it here, please email me spencerbunting AT hotmail DOT com here's his email: [email protected]
  2. well supposedly the guy who originally formulated this BP sold his recipe to a canadian manufacturer so we'll have to see where that heads. If you guys need some benzoil, you gotta contact Takara or someone else who was selling it in smaller batches.
  3. um it was okay I guess, after working out would of course be sweaty but when I wake up or just go through a day, I dont end up with an oily back or anything. But, after using the panoxyl you're back will sorta feel tight because of the BP
  4. I use 10% and it helps out alot. However, I hear from some people that he results begin to diminish over time so I dunno how to counter act that. Ive been using head and shoulders and panoxyl interchangeably and so far I only have one active spot.
  5. 1 in a bit over a month? By that you mean a bit over 1 ounce per month? I apply 2 times a day, morning and night, and use about a pea and a half worth of bp per application and even at times that is too much for my face. Im guessing you use more?
  6. I live in downtown Atlanta and of course all over GA there is crazy humidity but this stuff works for me. Personally, it works better for me than did ProActiv. Contact Takara on this forum, she sells it in smaller portions (4 oz) which should last you a LONG time. I think the expiration dates on this bp is 2012? longer depending on when the bp was manufactured and milled. Good luck, glad you took the time to read through some posts!
  7. Wow tragic, those are some awesome results! Id have to say that you're now experiencing what I am, FREEDOM!
  8. I dont think all your effort with Differin will go away within a few applications of BP. I just suggest that you stay away from using BP and Differin at the same time. I was on Differin before but it did jack squat for me so I tried BP again and found this new BP. How long have you tried using the BP? You could be going through a 'purging' effect.
  9. oh then definately try another cleanser. I reccomend one because that type of thing has to be tested on the user's end.
  10. try to use the BP in small amounts. For my face, it takes about a dime and a half AT MOST to cover my entire face. I have complex 15, but if your skin is really dry, try a heavier moisturizer because complex 15 is very light. As far as face wash goes, I use Cetaphil or Basis bar, it doesnt matter, the two dont break me out, it just depends which one is closer to where im washing my face!
  11. yeah I read about this too and was having some breakouts on my back. All I do is put on some H & S classic on my problem areas before I shower, wait 5 minutes, and then shower it off. No new breakouts and marks are rapidly fading.