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  1. Tape method? What is this accomplishing that normal exfoliation isn't. Use your brains guys.
  2. The reality is that the more invasive the procedure the better the end result. Microdermabrasion is going to do little for acne scars unless they are shallow.
  3. Nothing at all wrong with trying. Just don't make it into an unhealthy obsession. And don't even think about suicide.
  4. Scars aren't necessarily a bad thing. Seems like some of you are letting this dictate how you live your lives. I read these threads about people being depressed about their scars with some even considering suicide. There are worse things in this world than acne and scars. Sure you may feel self - concious and your relationships may suffer. Sure you may get rude remarks. But remember, there are people who suffer much more serious and devastating fates. And trust me I have suffered from acne and
  5. Has the scar expanded or is still expanding? In that case any procedure involving lasers or dermabrasion is out of the question. Try silicon sheets or cortisone injections. Mederma seems to work for raised scars or well. Also, always get a second opinion from a qualified plastic surgeon.
  6. And remember that you are your worst critc. Its never as bad as you think it is.
  7. Try proactiv for your acne. Throw your prescription and over the counter acne medications in the trash. I have used the gamut of acne medications both over the counter and prescribed and nothing comes close to Proactiv. Its not going to help pitted scars leftover from acne but it will help diminish past blemishes and help prevent new ones. I'm recommening this because it has worked for me and I have NOTHING to do with this company. We all get rude comments from people. Just ignore it and tell th
  8. No lucky for you its not permanent. If your popping them you increase the risk for scarring. Somethimes these can take up to six months to completely heal. Those home kit Microdermabrasion systems might help. I recommend Dermanew.
  9. Don't use dermabrasion period. This is an old procedure. Laser resurfacing is the way to go. Alot less risk and much more benefits.