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  1. hi! i've been on the regimen for 2 weeks now, results are great, my skin is clearing up slowly.. however, my skin is totally darkening! i'm so tanned now! hehe.. suggestions any one? can i use a moisturizer that whitens? w/ SPF 15 probably? would that help?
  2. hi! i'm new here, sadly i can't buy Dan's products since i'm from the philippines however i am still planning on trying his regimen. i was wondering if anyone might have any advice whether i could use panoxyl 2.5 BP acne gel.. see when i decided to buy this product i didn't know there's another one called aquagel... the pharmacist didn't tell me as well. anyway is the Panoxyl acnegel 2.5% BP too bad for my skin? or can i just continue using if with Dan's recommended regimen? pls?? i am very