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  1. Oil blotting sheets and Paula's Choice Shine stopper.
  2. Only accutane in my experience has lessened my oily skin. I am waiting on a drug called SB204 that just finished phase three of clinicals to be available to the general public. It is the only drug that is aimed at reducing oily skin.
  3. I am in the same boat. However, when I took accutane (40mg/day), my oily skin was reduced by more than 50% by week two. It of course returned within a week or so after I was done with my accutaune course. As of this time, there is nothing that has worked for me except accutane. I am like you. I tried various supplements and experienced no luck. I am, however, trying grape seed oil and sea buck thorn oil as moisturizers and so far my oil levels have not decreased significantly (or at all), but
  4. I used to have the same issue - dead skin cells sitting on my face (it is now limited only to my noise area b/c of an oily t-zone). I simply started exfoliating. Because I have oily skin, I have to exfoliate more often than dry or combo skin individuals. You can use either AHA, BHA (what I use b/c its better for oily skin), and a bit of manual exfoliation. In addition, I also use the oil cleansing method using jojoba oil before I shower at night. I mostly do this because I use sunscreen every si
  5. I posted this response to an indiivudal in a similar situation to yours: Unfortunately for us oily skin people, i think only oil-absorbing sheets are our temporary band-aid for now.
  6. Well, you will not like this answer, but in my experience only accutane has been effective in reducing my sebum production. At the moment there are a couple drugs out there that are being developed to address oily skin, but they are in clinical trials and will not be available to the general public for some time. The drugs in question are DRM01 and SB204. The latter is closer to release than the former. So far both drugs have had little to no negative side effects so they look promising. I mad
  7. Post-Accutane Update: It has been close to a month since I took my last accutane pill. As expected, my oil levels have returned to pre-accutane days. However, I have yet to receive any zit since then, except for one on my chin that went away rather quickly - but I will see if it continues. Another side-effect that I didnt realize I had because of accutane was pain when doing squats. While on accutane, I had to be really warmed up to do squats as they were somewhat painful, but now I only nee
  8. 7/24/16 - 8/14/16 Day 337 - 358: A year has gone by quite quick. So besides the side effects of dry lips, stiff joints, and low sebum production, the accutane experience was not too bad. However, although I did not experience depression, I did feel that I cared slightly less when I lost a game (I tend to be competitive), but maybe it is just getting older that does it. At any rate, I will post updates if I experience any non-short term effects or I go for a second round.
  9. It was a decision made by the both of us. 6/22/16 - 7/23/16 Day 306 - 336: Well, I only have about 21 capsules left. I have had pretty much the same side effects from beginning to now: dry lips, less oily skin. Not a single acne spot for the last few months. Back is cleared, chest cleared except for one stubborn spot. Not really looking forward to the oily skin once I get off this treatment.
  10. 6/3/16 - 6/21/16 Day 287 - 305: Still no acne spots of any kind. I have 50 pills left.
  11. 5/13/16 - 6/2/16 Day 266 - 286: Bout 2 months left of supplies. So far I haven't had a single acne spot for months. Odd feeling. Still have oily skin, just less so now.
  12. 4/17/16 - 5/12/16 Day 240 - 265: Nothing really much to update on. I have not had an acne spot in months. Still slightly oily after six hours. Other than that, all good.
  13. 4/10/16 - 4/16/16 Day 233 - 239: Same effects as usual. Have about ~100 days left of accutane pills left.
  14. 4/3/16 - 4/9/16 Day 226 - 232: Developed a zit right at my left jawline. Other than that, just the usual side effects.
  15. Update: So DRM01 phase 2b results will be provided in the second quarter of 2016. SB204 phase 3 has just placed their first patient and will have results in the second half of 2017. [Edited link out] [Edited link out]