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  1. canada is ncie...

  2. Try putting some moisturizer on to act as a primer if your dont have any, then put powder over top.. I found even when my skin was bad this worked fine but you have to use a moisturizer or else it doesnt hold well
  3. I recommend Eau thermal Avene cleanance its made specifically for skin being treated for acne.
  4. I really liked cover FX.. Before I started accutane it did look my face look alot better. I used avene lotion for sensitive skin ( around 25$ a bottle) I would put it all over my face to sort of act as a primer, then I used the pressed power cover fx and would put it all over my face, and concentrate it more to the areas that need it.. then finished with cover fx bronzer in gold. I really recommend the avene brand lotion.. it is amazing! made my skin feel a lot better
  5. My skin got really clear in the begining then I got a bit of a break out after a few weeks on accutane.. My skin was peeling a bit in the begining.. Got really bad a month in especially around my mouth, the skin was cracking severly.. And just got worse. I was prescribed dalacin T and that helped it out.
  6. Mine wasn't so bad, I noticed my skin cleared up every where except my jaw and chin area.. But it dried up fast. I was so worried about an IB but mine wasnt bad.. I still ahve a few problem areas but I was prescriced Dalacin T for my extreme dry skin in the corner of my mouth area, and used it on my zits too and they cleared up so quick.. Couldnt believe it.
  7. I love Cover FX bronzer in Gold. Its amazing and actually helps my skin!
  8. I have smashbox liquid fondation and didnt like it. i recommend vichy normaderm fondation or cover fx powder
  9. Ive been using Avene Clean-Ac for soothing care during acne treatment! It is AMAZING lotion.. I put it on in the morning, then apply Cover FX powder, and it covers amazingly.. I also really like Vichy norma derm fondation.. Both GREAT, then I use Cover FX bronzer in gold.. I have never had a cakey look! Makes my skin glowwwwww!
  10. If you have such long hair I would personally recommend a salon shampoo... Like Joico or Pureology, both great line.
  11. I honestly wouldnt use any of that covergirl/revlon/ect crap. Id rather use something thats actually meant for bad skin or isn't going to do more damage. Like mineral make ups(the real kind, not covergirl or whatever that has extra ingredients),
  12. I am on 40 a day for 2 months, then seeing from there.
  13. Your a cutie by the way