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  1. it's been awhile since I last posted in here but here I am again. I'd been off accutane about a year and a half. I haven't had much breakout since but oh boy I feel like I'm starting to again. This really suck, it sucks big time. I have very oily skin...again. I have some left over pill on my last course and I'm thinking of start taking them again every other day just for the oiliness. I haven't had much pimples but in the last month I'd been getting them. Nothing major or anything but still, it
  2. it'been alsmost 2 months since i was off Isotretoin. So far things had been going good until last week when I notice that I get really oily when I'm at work. I guess my oil glands are finally awake. it's weird though that when I'm at home or not working, my skis is less oily. I guess stress factors might be adding up to it. I had some few minor breakouts but very little ones on my forehead that disappear rather quickly. but two days ago, another popped on the R side of my cheek bone area. It doe
  3. i just took this picture yesterday when we were going home after hiking...this should give you a better idea on how my skin look now.
  4. hey, guys, finally i'm back and i'm posting some updates...after all i left you all out after week two. I'm a sucker. anyways..it's been four months since I've been on Isotretoin (Claravis). I didn't really have any side effects after the first two weeks so I was very thankful that my body received the medicine pretty well. I just finished month 4 and I'm completely clear by the third month. Unfortunately, last week I had a pimple on my cheek but now it has almost dried down, so no worries. Alth
  5. Hi Jezika, thanks for following my log. I had been reading your log for awhile. They're super LoOoOOng but it's intertaining. Let fight this acne hand in hand. I know we'll all be clear in time. FIGHTING!!!!
  6. Thanks Jezika and Faithinhim... Week 2 I think I had a taste of the IB thing everybody is talking about, although it's not bad at all. I broke out around my chin area with those itchy whitehead..although as we speak, had all disappear. I have 2 white head on my forehead but they ain't so bad. I wonder if this was IB, although maybe I'm just breaking out as it since I haven't had any significant amount of pimples for awhile. I hope I dont break out into cystic acne. That will be horrible. I nev
  7. hi NYGiRl, thanks for following my log. hope our journey to this thing will be going to be smooth...heheheheh.
  8. Day 2 Not much changes. my face is pretty much clear with no new pimples, although I had a whitehead on my jaw line that just popped! *gross* Still oily skin, lips are getting a bit dryer though. I had some slight headaches at time otherwise no main side effects...yet! After all, it's only the 2nd day. I hope i don't get initial breakout like so many people are having while in Isotretinoin regimen. I can't wait 'till my face becomes matte. i I hate the oil. my co-nurses and even some doctors w
  9. Hi guyz, my name is Mark and i had been lurking in this place for about 2 years now. I went to see a new dermatologist today with the hopes that she will start me on accutane and lord and behold she did. I told her she's the best doctor I had ever had...lol. Like all of the peepz up here, i'd been battling acne for quite some time now (about 7 years) and I just started seeing dermatologies about a year ago right after I graduated in college and got a job. I was using all the OTC products you can
  10. hey guys. I'm a newbie here, on the other hand, i'd been reading posts here for about 3 months now. Well, 3mo ago is when I started breaking out really bad. The last major break out i had was 2 years ago. And I was pretty much clear w/ popping 1-3zits once in a while. my skin was almost perfect, all the scars had faded, blah, blah, blah. now, i back to zero!!!. My breakout had slowed down on the other hand so that's a reliefe. In the left side of check I have 2 pimples w/ lots or red marks. On t