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  1. It was definitely cause of the Accutane. Like I said, my back was sore, I found that to be strange, but that went away too. I had regular blood tests done every month to make sure everything was ok. I really think the tiredness is cause of that, I danced and even performed when I was on it. If you are active, it is good. I remember my face used to get so flushed though...but so so worth it in the end. I did it 6 years ago, and I had quite severe acne. Now, I break out at the time of the month, i
  2. Hey guys, I had the co2 fraxel done 2 weeks ago. (I am olive, dark hair, dark eyes) I don't want to immediately report an improvement so soon, but I'd say that the surface of my skin is good, there is one dent that is on my cheek, but I can actually focus on that now...whereas before I had more to choose from. I want to wait another week or so before I start saying what kind of improvement I've had, but this seems to be the best treatment have done thus far. The swelling has gone down, and I am
  3. Hey Kelli, It is just one of the side effects of it, it happened to me as well. My back was also sore from it, but it was the only thing that helped clear up my skin. Stick to it, and you will be happy with the results.
  4. Hi Guys, I had my fraxel repair 2 weeks ago. In the beginning there was a lot of swelling, it's pretty much gone all back to normal now. I am still red, and haven't put any make up on. Considering my skin, I think there definitely will be a good improvement with the surface, and hopefully in a few months the collagen will start rebuilding and plumping out. The only thing I'd consider in a few months time is to maye use a filler on one dent on a cheek I have, I think that would be it after that.
  5. Thanks for that. I was actually going to book it in next week. Did you mean that it is an equivalent to the erbium laser? I went to see a doctor that has just got in the machine (he also does fraxel restore treatments), and he says that it is CO2 laser but using only fractional zaps. (or however you would describe it) It does sound great, but, would love to hear more about it. It is 5K...what does one do, wait and see, or just try it out? Ah...acne decisions...story of our lives.. Also, for
  6. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone is considering, read, or have done a treatment with the fraxel co2 laser? It is the newest fraxel, and it is recommended you only do it once (unlike the fraxel restore which you have multiple treatments). It goes deeper, and it is suitable for acne scars. Any thoughts or research?
  7. Hey Billy boy, Thanks for your reply. What a bummer. I know that not everyone has gotten the results from the fraxel restore. But, there is a newer fraxel combining co2 laser, which goes deeper. There is a longer recovery, but apparently, you only need to do it once. They say (on the net) that it is suitable for acne scars.
  8. Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone has tried or have some information about the newer fraxel treatment. It is called Fraxel repair, and it combines CO2 laser. I am from Sydney, and I am not too sure if anyone has the machine here. xox Tan