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  1. I would recommend the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar over the anti-bacterial due to the sensitivity of the skin on your face.
  2. I began taking accutane (amnesteem 40 mg) once per day about 25 days ago. So I am already through my first month and my facing is already looking amazing. I am dealing with the regular side effects, mostly just the dry lips and skin, but everything is easily manageable. My concern is with the texture of my chest and back. My face was never really the issue when going on accutane, it was actually because I had gram negative folliculitis on my chest and back. All of the larger actives on my c
  3. You need a password or you can't get into the iPledge site. I'd call and leave a message for your derm stating that you do not know how to login. I am not 100% sure if the login is needed though. I logged in and didn't have to answer any questions or anything it just said my status was good to receive the medication. I am male by the way.
  4. Judging by the list of medications you have already tried, it would seem that the next step would be Accutane. I would really try to just have an honest conversation with your dermatologist and actually have them listen to your concerns or questions. They will be able to make a recommendation for you and you can go from there. Again, since it looks like you have already tried antibiotics, the derm's next step is probably going to be accutane.
  5. My derm registered me from iPledge right there in her office and I had no idea she created the account online for me. There should be an id number on the iPledge card in your book. Type the id number into the ipledge site but leave the password field blank. Click the forgot my password button and it should email you the password. I never received any type of welcome or registration email when my doctor put me in the system. This is what I did and it worked for me. Do you remember your doct
  6. lemonlover- Yes my wait is next to none. I got lucky with my new dermatologist. Also the fact that she is located in a major hospital made the bloodwork a snap. I was not so lucky with my previous dermatologist and he is the main culprit of my skin becoming like it is. Thanks for the well wished though.
  7. Got it working on the iPledge site. Just entered in my id number and clicked forgot password. Turns out they had already registered me, I wonder why there was no initial email telling me this. Anyway I went to get the script filled and my insurance needs to get 'prior approval'. This basically means another week of waiting around while the insurance company talks with the doctor making sure I need the medication. Anyone have any experience with how long this process takes? Has anyone ever
  8. So I went to a different dermatologist today after a year of abusive antibiotics treatment. I was diagnosed with gram negative folliculitis on my chest and back. So I was given accutane, 40 mg to start, and written a prescription. I was also given the ipledge packet with my member id cards in it. I had my bloodwork and stuff done on site. So my question is do I have to wait for some e-mail notification or something from ipledge to say Im registered? I would like to get the script filled
  9. Does no one have experience with folliculitis and accutane?
  10. Hello everyone, I was hoping to get some people's opinions on my situation and maybe some advice regarding accutane. Let me start with a little history regarding the struggles I have had with my skin. Through high school I had mild to moderate acne which eventually drove me to see a dermatologist. I was given regular bp which back then had be refrigerated. It helped me stay clear throughout college. After college I started a high stress job in sales which I believe was a main factor in my
  11. Could be an initial reaction to the medicine. I have been on Doryx close to a month and face has improved significantly. I have no new breakouts at this time and hope to stay that way. With that being said my chest and back have been breaking out. I would just hang in there for a atleast a month, if the chest is still breaking out talk to your doc.
  12. I started taking on the 9th of Feb with no real IB. I was still breaking out the first week but I don't think it was an IB. I think your probably in the clear.
  13. I was prescribed three months of Doryx today during my visit to the dermatologist. I was reading some posts that say not to take multivitamins and was wondering if I needed to stop any of my workout supplements. I take Creatine daily, a vitamin b supplement, and protein. Do you think any of these would affect the medication?
  14. I am exactly the same way. I am 24 and this cycle really just started happening. I am really starting to believe razor irritation is killing my face and causing acne though I do everything to prevent it. If I do not shave for a couple of days my acne begins to heal right up.
  15. So just to let everyone know this product worked fantastically. The remains of my pimple, about the size of a dime, were bright red with dead skin in the middle this morning. I started applying Skin Aid around 10 AM and now by 5 PM the difference is night and day. No more large red mark, the skin has almost returned to its normal tone. I would recommend this to anyone.