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  1. I can't pm for some reason or post

  2. For a mod who see's this, I can't pm for some reason

  3. I'll cherish the jokingly fun conversations we had

  4. Not a very coherent assertion, and certainly nothing new. I think the general consensus is yes, acne is mostly a disease of modern/western society... and the way we eat and our overall connection with our food in this +other countries is definitely one of the most discernible characteristics of our way of life as compared with other countries/societies. But there are plenty of other differences, i.e. people in India probably are a lot more physically active, they get more sunlight, etc. Kids
  5. what about fat and have acne, that would suck if u are dating Just a typical 'ole American, I'd say
  6. Has anyone ever wondered why Americans suffer the most from acne? Food and diet. Everyone wants to pinpoint on washing your face on putting all these chemicals into your body, yeah that works, but how for most it leads up to it is by your diet. Americans have the worst diet and food selection in the world, and it shows with high cholestrol, obesity, and what not. I find it funny when people respond to the topic "Oh well, they are dirty, they don't wash their face" Well consider a country lik
  7. bad bad. no, I think he is fine.....im worried its me :/ if itdoesnt happen soon i will go to the doctor.

    See i knew u didnt hate me!