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  1. Day 142 OK! So I finally picked up what I HOPE to be my last prescription of Accutane! (Though it's still another 45 pills of it so there's still some time to go). I can't believe how quickly this has gone and having this website for support has been great Anyway I really think I'm getting used to the dryness now, I mean I still know I'm dryer than normal but I haven't been peeling in places too much. My lips have especially improved. Other side effeccts .... ankles are still pretty sore ever
  2. Day 120 4 month anniversary! However ... as soon as I thought I was on my last prescription of Accutane, I saw the derm today and she has prescribed me another 6 weeks after i'm finished with this one, which puts me at 8 weeks until I'm done, and 6 months total treatment (7080mg total). so as I have been saying for the past little while, things have been going pretty well on accutane. i do once in awhile get small bumps that disappear quickly. today at the derm's however, the assistant asked "
  3. Day 113 Wow! I can't believe how quickly time has flown. Haven't been updating this as much as I wanted to but yah I guess all I can say is things have been pretty good. I haven't had any too many noticeable blemishes in the past month or so, at least nothing that has lasted anymore than a couple of days. My face is getting a little lighter and lighter but it's a very slow process. There is still a lot of red still hanging around. I do notice that my diet does have an affect on my skin though
  4. hi destinyrose, hadn't had a chance to catch up on your blog lately but just read bits and pieces just now. you have a support group here and you can always put out your thoughts here you deserve a guy who will treat you right and take care of you. it sounds like a bit of time apart could also allow him to rethink his own actions and grow and learn too but yah the final decision is yours to make in all of this of course
  5. hi nali, how are you? glad to see that you are keeping positive about the experience. i think i remember when i was one month in i was so depressed cuz my IB was horrible! let us know how the double dosage works out. i think the accutane will work its stuff quite quickly in you on that dose. did you ever find a makeup brand that works for you?
  6. sorry to hear how you feel about the red marks... i think you're ahead of me in your course by a bit and yah i still have the red marks. i use quite a bit of makeup to cover it though, i'm not sure if that's an option you'd consider? still doesn't cover everything but it does help loads. helps me to feel more confident. i'm waiting until after my accutane treatment before i consider red marks treatment, such as glycolic peel or blood vessel laser treatment. my derm says the red marks will go a
  7. Day 77 Feels like I haven't been on the website for awhile. I guess things are still looking ok. My face isn't peeling as much anymore, neither are my lips. One corner of my lip is dry still, and hurts when I yawn or open my mouth too wide. The rash on my arms has pretty much subsided except for a slight bit leftover on my right hand. Skinwise... I have had a few more compliments here and there. The only thing is, I just don't know if my makeup is doing the best job covering up my red marks. I
  8. Thanks for posting destinyrose! Yes it has indeed been going quite well, I'm pleased with the results so far. I am slightly worried that all this redness is going to take forever to go away (you know how it feels like there's no end to it... I've had this redness for weeks and there's hardly any sign of going away.) Anyway it's all good, my skin is definitely in way better condition than when I first started on Accutane and I do not regret it at all. Day 70 I might have gotten some of my d
  9. Day 67 OK nothing much here except to post a milestone that my skin is 100% smooth today! I had gone to see the derm two days ago and they had to inject one pimple that was coming up on my chin, and today it's smooth again. I still have major redness on my face which is slowly fading. My derm talked to me about redness removal and suggested a couple of treatments that I can do now, even while on Accutane: Glycolic acid peel and this blood vessel reducing laser treatment. Have to think about it
  10. Day 63 Wow it's been 2 months already! Yippee.... halfway done according to my derm's initial predictions. This past week my rash on my hands/ arms has gotten a bit worse. Putting on lotion stings like crazy too ... I'll be seeing my derm on Tues so will bring it up with him. Skinwise ... lips still chapped and gummy as usual. I believe that all the bumps that I had the last time I wrote have come down, yay! I had another one pop up right next to my mouth on the left side, not painful and dryin
  11. Hi Nali, Thanks for stopping by! As for the Sheer Cover that I use, yah I guess I got conned into trying this stuff out when I saw it on TV! I have tried it before, but I don't remember it having the beneficial anti-oxidant properties that it has now. It is also a sunscreen. I'm not certain if it "helps" the acne, but it does cover it up very well, and my skin has not broken out because of it. I started using it when my skin was almost clear of the bumpiness. It's a bit less coverage than s
  12. hi nali, just wanted to drop by to say good luck on your course. it seems that you and i have had a similar history of acne... long term stubborn cystic acne. i am 2 months in tomorrow .. i found that murad didn't work very well for me, actually caused me to break out more. currently i'm using Skintelligence from Market America, which I have found to be pretty good for sensitive skin but if you have found something that works, that's cool too i had breakouts and scabbiness until about the 7th
  13. i haven't heard anywhere that dairy is a nono while you're on the accutane medication. for myself i have reduced it out ... just cuz many dairy products are rich in proteins / enzymes that put an extra load on the liver, which is already a bit "impaired" by accutane. perhaps i am paranoid as well, but i've just been reducing anything in my diet that might put more load on my liver because i feel like it ends up showing up on my face...
  14. used to be a coffee addict but stopped on it when i started accutane .... not because i heard anything bad about coffee but it does dehydrate the body so i guess if you drink one cup make sure to drink an "extra" cup of water to 'compensate'
  15. Day 55 So, the latest side effects I have been feeling are the dryness/ rash that was on my hands are slowly fading away, but now it's migrating up my arm to the point of feeling a "burn" feeling whenever I put long sleeve clothes on. I think I didn't moisturize enough ... just been a bit lazy in that aspect. Other side effects, around my lips there is a lot of dryness and chapping which starts off ok in the morning when I put moisturizer and chapstick on, but as I talk throughout the day, it j