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  1. Week 19:: Other than my hair looking like a worn-out broom, and my persisting red-marks ... this week has been fine... im kind of getting used to this " TWICE A WEEK FRUSTRATION"... as i said before... some days are definitely worse than others but thats how it goes right? Im still shedding a LOT of dead skin. Seems i get dryer by the day... and my lips... ohhhh my poor lips!!! The corners of my mouth are so dry that i cant get to heal those typical "cuts", and believe me... im a lip-balm junki
  2. Hell Yeah!!! itching is tremendously annoying the first couple of months... along with the head-aches and nausea... (sounds like shit right???) well.... thats part of the deal so no worries!!! Besides,,, day 7 is like "nothing", on my day "7" i was going through the most awful I.B (like never in my life)... so hang in there buddy!!! S. P.S (im not from the U.S, so i cant recommend any products!!!)
  3. Hey Sid... it's good to know you're done... how are those marks fading???, i wish i could be in your same position!!!... what dose where you on???, 3 months???,,, that sounds great!!! Ok... i hope everything is fine... please keep writing back. S.
  4. I sure hope I'm over this acne crapolla. I hope you will be too!

    Seb, you're a sweetheart and your comments along with everyone else have been such great motivation when I felt down. Thank you. *big virtual hugs!!!*

  5. You are completely wrong... please don't post here again.
  6. Hey, just wanted to say hi... hope ur great!

  7. I feel sooooo happy for you!!!! Looks like you are over this!!!

    Siava,, thanx for being there i cant express how grateful i am!!!

    You rock...

  8. Week 18: Just wanted to say this week has been pretty good... no breakouts, slow progress and a lot of changes in my life... healthy diet, trying to be as active as possible, playing squash, jogging and whatever sport i can play. For some reason it helps my mind and skin a lot... im also quitting "weed", i've been a regular smoker for a while now and im just tired of it. Seems my mind is a lot more calm now and im happy this way ... jeje lets hope it lasts!!! I wanted everyone blogging here to
  9. Hey!!! its been a while... did i mention you look awesome!!!, thanx for your concern!!!,, i can be a little exaggerated!!!... but hell yeah!!! its a pain in the ass!!! (not a chance!!!, stopping is not an option) Best Wishes.
  10. Well, im a couple of months away still... but im thrilled!!!... its just amazing how one can be ecstatic one day :whistle: and suicidal :ninja: the next one!!! ... so im just gonna hang in there... cross country??? thats awesome!!! anyway you should know that all that muscular ache and tiredness will go away soon. Its like you'll be trading some side-effects for others. Try to keep your life as simple and easy as you can for now.. Im sure you wil be fine soon!!! Lots of love, S.
  11. Thanks Seb I am glad I can make you feel better.

  12. Hey Dee...pretty much at the same stage as you!!! im also very worried about the scarring (red marks everywhere!!!) i cant wait for them to fade. We both started on may so we should keep track of each other. Right now i feel very pessimistic but maybe tomorrow i'll feel great, who knows??? You cant guess what's coming, right??? i think i've had enough of this mental-mess, but for having healthy skin.... i think its worth it!!!, lets hope we get our way... Lots of love and espect...
  13. Well. Im sure it wont come back after all you've done, Best wishes for you and hang in there!!!
  14. Second course??? :confused: after only one year???, how come did it last so little??? how was your regimen at this first course??? thanx for the reply but i sure hope i dont need a second one... you are a god!!! how can you take it??? its great to have your support!!! Please keep in touch!!!
  15. Im glad to know everything's well... i think ill check up on you more often!!! In the meantime i hope things keep getting better (u seem really nice!!!) Peace. S.