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  1. Acne is a problem I have learned to deal with and manage. When I see my acne I don't get too unhappy because I know in some time it will go away. However, when I see this scar, it makes every day a bad one. I need to know how to treat this scar, that is all I am concerned with right now. The image I have uploaded is from about 6 months ago. From that time it has gotten much worse and the second scar in the image which looks like it is starting to form has already come out now. Why is this happ
  2. I don't think I would be able to see one personally. Is there a website where I could maybe ask a plastic surgeon or derm?
  3. Well whatever it is I still need to fix it. Thanks for your help so far guys but I still need some more help. Will this mark disappear in time?
  4. I think I would consider it raised. When my face is stationary it looks flat but if I start to smile it would rise like the skin is colliding and going up or something.
  5. Well I still need some more advice so I will bump this.
  6. Ok I uploaded the image but it still needs to be approved. But if you want to see it before it gets approved go here: http://img399.imageshack.us/img399/8791/dsc00521fw8.jpg Hopefully you guys can help me now.
  7. Well ok... I guess if you need the actual picture I`ll put it up but this thread is not suppose to be a joke and I`m quite disappointed that you guys can`t take it seriously.
  8. Ok the first picture is up... still kinda surprised no one replied. Is it too long or something?
  9. Hey guys, I come here today to post on Acne.org about a little problem I'm having. First off I would like to say that my acne is completely cured thanks to absolutely no products besides water. The problem I've been having has stretched on for a very long and uneventful year. I did not realize that I've had this problem for so long until I came to these forums today and looked at my profile. I see a topic I made in July of 2006 about the same thing I will talk about in this post. Now I do not th
  10. Thanks it did help. I think you may be able to develop strech marks when you loose wieght too because all that fat is disappearing and you still have extra skin. I'm not realy sure but the fact is that I am getting strech marks and I am loosing wieght :/ . I'm always a little paranoid about using products because they have never worked for me and I am having better luck (with my acne) not using any products at all except water. Maybe its the same with strech marks? What I realy wanted to know