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  1. do not do it. the instructions in the box for accutane say " DO NOT TAKE WITH TETROCYCLINES", minocycline is one of these.why on earth would you want to take them both together anyway?
  2. if people want to post a question they are very concerned about, let them. If you dont want ot read it, dont. No ones forcing you to read it and reply. I do however think people ask questions which really they should be asking their derm, not waiting for someone on this forum to guess the answer to.
  3. retardation okay??? hardly retardation. Its fine to drink in small amounts according to my derm. Try to drink lots of water beforehand. I drink probably once or twice a week and all my blood tests have been fine.
  4. i really dont think foods have enough vit a in to be a problem, dont stop eating them! liver and pate are gorgeous!!!!! the only thing my derm said not to take was vit a supplements, obviously.
  5. Theres been loads of posts about scarring and what to do, i..e emu oil etc. I've got what is hopefully my last appointment with my derm tomorrow after I finish accutane, I'll ask him what he reckons and post the reply here.
  6. i finish my course in a few weeks when ill be 27. Ive got scarring which i would say is moderate. Im extremely annoyed that I wasnt put on accutane when I needed it 10 years ago.
  7. youll need to be referred to a dermatologist, a GP cant prescribe it.
  8. me too, try using an electric shaver like a good phillishave, you might find its less harsh
  9. I use aqueous cream to moisturise, it also washes the skin so no need for anything else. Its very non oily and cheap. I didnt have an IB whatsoever. Do not go on a sunbed whilst on roaccutane. All the sunbed does is dry your pores which is what the drug does anyway. Ive been sunburmnt a few times over my course and its 10 times as bad. Use high factor sunblock if your out and about.
  10. I hate : "You need to clean your diet up and drink more water and green tea." "Yeah", I think, "and why dont you just shut the f*ck up and talk about something you know about". Also.... "Your face looks red, have you been in the sun" I think "Yeah, constantly for 10 f*ckin years you idiot" Wonderful, I feel much better now. Good topic.
  11. how long have u been on accutane for......when ur lips are litterally peeling off and your eyes are as red as a fukin tomato then tell me we're impatient. oo and when u can't breath because no matter how much u blowyour nose its always stuffed then u can call us impatient here here. i can understand where your coming from, but stick it out. dont forget the symptoms wont stop immediately after you finish the course.
  12. ive had it a few times but I wear contact lenses so my eeys get even dryer. try some eye drops.
  13. hi, im in england too and use aqeous for my face and body. Ive found body shop hemp lip balm (for men though) good for my lips during the day as its non shiny and vaseline at night when noone can see me! apparently builders use the body shop stuff to stop their lips from being chapped in the wind so it must be good!!! E45 works well too but tends to be cheaper.